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  • Tom

    will it be possible to import an option file in ps4 for pes 15?

  • Kazuma

    I’ve ordered the Asian version because it has the official Japan team and J.League which has an English option but who will the commentators be in the Asian version?

  • Guest

    Are you making a option file this year ?

  • Marci Peebles

    HELP! My sons hit the wrong button on the remote and set the language on the initial screen to French for PES 2012 (which we just got …. i know it is old) – but now they cannot play because they cannot read the screen …. we speak English … PLEASE HELP!

  • marios

    my courtesy level on pes 2015 has follen to C. Am very dissapointed about that couse I never quited a game on purpose. Now I can’t play online games. Please investigate my case. Yesterday as I was playing in the tournament and finished the game reqularly my level falled from B to C with no reason. please help