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  • Ken Jones

    For some reason, I can’t comment or see any comments in the blogs comments section. Was wondering am I the only one with this problem or have I been blocked? If I have been blocked, I honestly can’t understand why. Never said anything insensitive or disrespectful.

  • Justin
  • Kevin Weir

    will pes16 have any Scottish teams

  • JP

    Hey guys please upload the option file for x box 360 I REALLY HATE FIFA and all my friends laugh of MY PES because theres no kits!


  • Emir Cengic

    Can someone post this on some official PES blog or something for ideas : “When you are not in possession of the ball, you can also hold L1/LB and
    hold your left analog stick in one direction. This will rotate the
    player camera and allow you to view the position of players around you,
    such that you can make use of this information when you receive the
    ball.” like in Pes 2013

  • Microshade4

    your blog dead