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  • Hazeez Dapps

    Why are there not enough teams in pes 2013 like fifa and why are the teams kit so fake like that. The jerseys are not real so as the teams emblems. Please do make amendments to your products.

  • andres garcia uyaban

    Do you have or know where to get the American Version of this patch… this seems to work only for PAL systems, I need it in NTCS. Thanks

  • Jonathan Lamoureux

    can you plz reupload WENB OF V3.1 Released + Remaining nPower Teams, link not working :< or send it by mail:, thx

  • stephenb92

    hey im trien to download all the option files one by one as i am getting the games for xmass but sum of the links are not working please help

  • fadil fadili

    how to register in wenb

  • disqus_cEczQlvJSX

    hi, just bought PES2013.
    can you plz reupload WENB OF V3.1 Released + Remaining nPower Teams, links is not working :< or send it by mail:, thx

  • Pierre Martin Lysell Clasen

    Hi…. Where can i download the logo of all team at Champions 1. div. (England npower team)?

  • Giuseppe

    Hello guys. My name is Giuseppe Paparo, I’m the administrator of Pes Italian Supporter. I have seen on many Blogs PESUnites competition GOTM. I would like to create competition “Eurogoal”, with the winners of the GOTM of each blog and create a GOTM PESUnites. This is the system that I created for videos and the votes:, WENB_Es ​​are okay, what do you think?

  • Leandro Cauboy

    Olá equipe da “Winning Eleven”,eu presciso de um link para baixar um jogo que se chama: “Winning Eleven 2003″ para o “Video Game – Sony Playstation One”,Ok… : )/

    Um forte abraço para todos,ok… : )/

    Ass: Leandro Cauboy… : )/

  • John Slep

    Wikipedia says that Liverpool and Arsenal are fully licensed in PES 2014, in addition to Manchester Utd. Is this true?

  • wickid

    Love your sight its very informative and accurate …awesome job Keep up the good work..
    Any Idea when the teams will be updated regarding there rosters..
    Oh yeah Canada loves PES so give us some love back

  • patrick

    any news on spfl?

  • MJS7

    quick question, if i download the latest data pack for PES2014 on 360 will it effect the data i downloaded from you guys at all? I dont want to lose all your brilliant work on team names and emblems.


  • patrick

    no you wont loss any thing

  • gmac87

    hi I just bought pro ev 2014 and the update in the game only lets me update the latest patch which is the transfers, it wont let me update the earlier patches

  • Mohamed Ibrahim

    hello, i just want to ask why dont we can have Arabic version for PES(PC
    games) so we have the leagues and teams and all that??? can we have
    that kind of leagues one day in PES??

  • maxenco .

    hey my cousin has pes 2013 and I need an option file for ps3 as i dont longer have mine as i have pes14 can someone help me out as he keep asking me for it and I can find a good option file anywhere. thank

  • HSN_G_yo

    excuse me ! if i got ideas and i want to share it for pes 2015 and all pes in future . who shall i contact with pleas ?

  • Jeff Owusu

    in pes 2015 and bareclona new players

  • Abdallah PK

    i’m looking for a 2015 patch of the egyptian league for winning eleven 9 is there any possibility to find it??????