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Adam Bhatti: “PES 2017 Will Be Rewarding For Loyal Supporters”

The folks at Squawka have today posted a rather interesting new interview with PES Global Product and Brand Manager, Adam Bhatti.

In the interviewer, Adam talks about a number of key points in PES, including the rivalry with FIFA and the upcoming DLC (hitting tomorrow!) for the UEFA Euro 2016.

There are also some interesting words regarding the future of myClub, and how Gameplay is key when planning the next iteration. Personally, we really liked this quote when talking about the future and PES 2017:

Looking ahead to PES 2017’s likely reveal in June, he concludes: “When we announce our next product, I would like to reward our fans massively for sticking with us.

You can read the full interview here. Be sure to let us know your thoughts on the current state and future of PES in the comment section below.

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30 thoughts on “Adam Bhatti: “PES 2017 Will Be Rewarding For Loyal Supporters”
  1. British people are white…..he is not!
    I dont care if he was born in the UK doesnt change the fact that his roots are Arab and he is killing Konami.

  2. British people are white !!! Loooooooooooool, wot an uneducated comment. In any case his roots are indian not arab. Im sure he has a fair amount of football knowledge being born and raised in the uk !!!

  3. Indian dont know football or breath it like other ethinc groups! So therefore he lack knowledge and he is a killing the franchise!

  4. Thats a bit of a silly statement. What does your ethnicity have to do with passion and love of football? Last time I checked football it was regarded a global sport. If your into football then ethnicity has no bearing on your knowledge and love of the game. Out of interest what ethnic group are you then ?

  5. I play PES because it has better gameplay than Fifa.
    If I want real stadiums I watch TV :-)

  6. for me Just get a few more stadiums or at least all of south America & just see if you can get the USA & Mexico fully licensed & get all the national sides that fifa dose not have fully licensed to take those away from fifa for me if more stuff was licensed for PES I would buy over fifa just in the next installment take the Stamina loss down a bit I feel the players got tired to quick i mean at the end of a game my whole team even my subs should not be sitting on about E on stamina. Maybe add the OFC Championship

  7. There are 150 teams and 25 stadiums. If you Have not enough money, you van Make a stadium creator.

  8. british people are white wtf are you stupid we are not just white u moron. if you are born and raised in this country then THAT makes u british not your skin colour you pathetic racist piece of worthless shit

  9. the very limited amount of stadiums is a huge problem… anybody would get bored of using the same stadiums all the time, i understand licensing could get complicated but please somebody tell me why the hell did they take off the fan favourite stadium creator .. ?? everybody loved it so why take it off i don’t get it ?? Konami drives me crazy with some of their decisions, they dont pay attention to the details that is their problem

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