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Asim’s PES 2016 Review

If you’ve been following me on Twitter then you’re probably already aware that GamesRadar+ is the place to read my written review of PES 2016 this year, and it’s now live!

I’ve done a video review and first 30 minutes of Master League piece for WENB, but if you want fancy reading my thoughts rather than listening/watching please head over now to GamesRadar+.

Below is a snippet of the PES 2016 review, but as I said I would recommend reading all of it before abusing or insulting me. ;)

A few minor issues aside, once again, Konami has delivered when it comes to the gameplay. Not only is PES 2016 a high point for the series, it’s the best football game I’ve ever played.

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18 thoughts on “Asim’s PES 2016 Review
  1. Are there 24 teams in the Championship or 20 like was mentioned in the license reveal? I hope that was a typo.

  2. Asim, please tell them to add more generic stadiums via DLC. The old Antilon Colosseum (PES09), and the ones we had in PES13 (like Mohamed Lewis, Bristol Mary, Ville Marie, Palenque, etc.) would save many teams… also, what happened to La Bombonera, Monumental and the UEFA Europa League scoreboard? They are not in the game :'(

  3. Here are 7 things that I am sure you will all agree need to be in PES, hearing that its a lot better because it has 2 minor improvements eg. Menus do look great, Improved transfer negotiations and losing two eg. Transfer frequency, Contract Negotiations just doesn’t cut it.

    The 5 are very easy to add in an update if they are truly that and not just merely a gimmick, Speak up lads konami are listening, please comment, share, so we can get the iconic ML not just with new improvements but with the good old realism too!

    1 ML Contract negotiations this is iconic of the series and has been there as long as it was in CM the only two footy games with a cult following to this day.

    2 ML Other teams transfers (frequency) options low/medium, realistic game experience in the 1st window (which in reality has already happened and moved 40% of the players) you will have 60% of players moving

    3 ML transfer kitty option low/medium/high

    4 Rival teams, if so via edit mode, should have significantly lower chances of joining your team eg. If they’re the second choice in a position as their overall rating will indicate, rather than 4 or 5 be 1 to 3. You can still sign them like in real life albeit rarely or by significantly raising the offer.

    5 Sponsorship negotiations? Where did it go!

    6 Let us edit the youth team player names, fake ones are terrible, just off the top off my head i remember them being really cheesy like GAZAMERECCHI, STEELOV, BOBUNDA, FRANQUEZ theyre so obviously not real names.

    7 Commentary is alot better but still, hitting the post should always warrant an exclamation on the ML video rooney hit the woodwork in under 3 mins…but not a a word?

    Maybe bring back the controller vibrate on off feature for woodwork and crunching slide tackles suffered! Emphasises them as they very rarely happen.

    The co commentator is hardly there, when the main commentator (beglin?) says something on the dominating side in mid or a run in the box the co commentator should say something short and sharp back at beglin THEY’RE ALL OVER THEM etc. Just abit too absent IMO.

  4. Asim I like the game but one thing that bothers me if that evade tackle animation that happens way too often even from less skilled players. This wasn’t something that happened a lot in PES 15 unless you pressed a button to do it manually. I think that animation alone is resulting in less fouls, I hope this gets tweaked because I feel like it shouldn’t be happening as often as it does.


  5. not even a word regarding the removal of Castolo and the rest of the big hearted, talentless all conquering digital guys. How come?

  6. Asim, I believe the jogging speed is too slow compared to the full speed, wouldn’t you agree?

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