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The Editor-in-Chief at Kitana Media Network. It's about the game, not the platform. Metal Gear fanatic. Hideo Kojima is God. Loves football. Why not follow him on Twitter (see below) and read his day-to-day ramblings. It's mostly about football and gaming!

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PES 2015 vid 1 Screen Shot 2014-09-10 09-30-00 3

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PES 2015 Demo Podcast

The third facet of our PES 2015 demo coverage, a much needed podcast. Yay! Yup, the WENB podcast is back. Asim and Gari get pick up their mics to give their thoughts on the PES 2015 demo due on 17th... Read more

Kroos reaction 19

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More PES 2015 Gameplay Videos

Some of you might have noticed that we were a tad busy over the weekend playing PES 2015. Not just that though, we were capturing the footage too. And here it is. None of that off-screen stuff from... Read more