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Babangida Returns to PES 2016!

This is news that Master League veterans will appreciate…..the return of PES legend, Tijani Babangida in PES 2016!

The fastest player to ever grace PES will return to the player rosters within PES 2016’s myClub mode. For those who don’t know (where have you been?!?!), Babangida, along the likes of Minanda, Castolo and Ximelez, Babangida was inevitably the first major player added to any Master League side.

Babangida also played for Ajax and Nigeria in the 90s. He is now available for a limited time only until April 21st via a special myClub agent, leaving Babangida to once again take the title of fastest player in the game.

Take a look at a trailer showcasing Babangida in PES and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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7 thoughts on “Babangida Returns to PES 2016!
  1. Liking the latest Patch improvedments. B4 the last update this game was unplayable for me, I hated the “Skate simulator” feel of the game. Tony Hawk would have been proud! In fact This is the firs year I haven’t bought pes, only playing it cause of the free myclub game. It’s good to see Konami working to fix the game, enjoying the improved FOOTPLANTING in the game as well as better momentum physics. Game feels more refined, but more needs to be done. Good to see Konami listening.

  2. omg how do you have so much time!!! LOL I try to play everyday but i can say that i have played this pes more than last year’s. Good game so far but I feel like it needs one more update and DLC perhaps make the EURO more presentable or add something.

  3. HAs anyone played the EURO in Master League im in 2018 year so I don’t know if it shows up lol

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