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Become a Legend – The Forgotten Mode in Recent Years

One, if not my favourite mode in PES has to be Become a Legend. The ability to turn yourself into a Superstar and really put a stamp on the football world really appeals to me. However, it is quite apparent that Konami seem to have forgotten about the mode in recent years. I hope that by reading this article, Konami can revitalise the mode in future PES titles.

I think what really stands out for me is how much longevity Become a Legend could have if Konami get it right. Of course, Master League and myClub are huge modes in their own right and Konami have to look after the masses. However, Become a Legend is a more personal experience and with that, I’d like the mode to really make me feel like I am achieving something with my Virtual Footballer.

How can that happen? One of my suggestions would be to really have to earn a spot at the club in the beginning. When you create a character at the moment, it’s all too simple in my opinion. Create a player, go to a club. In real life, it simply doesn’t just happen like that. I’d like the chance to go on trial with a selection of clubs. In this trial, it would be good to have a few mini games for you to complete (similar to what FIFA does). Depending on what happens in those mini games and your trial overall, clubs can then decide whether to offer you a contract or not. It would definitely make me want to strive to do better in these trials and then get a contract with one of the clubs on offer.

Another one of my suggestions would be to have a much bigger focus on the media side of things, as well as interaction with your manager. In PES 2016 and past iterations, there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of support and direction from your manager.  I’d like to see this drastically improved in future games in terms of mid-game instructions from your manager or coach. With this Adaptive AI system, if defenders are doubling up on you at all times, it would be great to see a little notification come up on the side from your manager telling you to come deeper and link up play more. Substitutions feel far too random for me; I’ve had instances where I have scored 2 goals and still been subbed off… If I was the best player, surely the game should recognise that more?

I also mentioned having a much bigger media presence would also improve the mode a lot I feel. If I’m doing well, I’d like to see stories come up regarding bigger clubs wanting to sign me. On the flip side, If I’m not doing quite as well, I would much like to see rumours of the club I am with wanting to loan me out or get rid of me all together. Things like this I am sure wouldn’t require too much development work, and would really add to the mode’s longevity, as well as giving it that freshness it craves after a few years of the same.

Going even further, I think Become a Legend could also be a mode that could go online, and have the potential so be so much better and bigger than Pro Clubs is for FIFA. Teams could have 11 full players in a club, managed by a real player who would give these players instructions and aims to achieve throughout the season. Clubs could be separated into divisions, much like the set up in Master League, only in different servers (A server list much like friendly lobby works). These teams could have a wage and transfer budget, allowing managers to bid for other real players from their rival teams. The limitations for Become a Legend, both offline and online,  are endless and I hope that Konami see the same vision that I do with the mode.

Become a Legend is a fantastic mode already, but these changes and a lot more in the future, I think Konami could be on to a winner, something that could eventually become even bigger than Master League. Adaptive AI could be a game changer in the way that managers give instructions depending on how you are playing and if you are being marked out of the game.

Of course, these are only my suggestions for the future. Do you like Become a Legend as much as me? Maybe you have an even better idea or way that Konami can improve the mode in the coming years? I’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions in the comment section below.

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10 thoughts on “Become a Legend – The Forgotten Mode in Recent Years
  1. They could really take a time to revamp this. I am not sure about this online mode you suggested.

    The NBA2K16 Career Mode could work as an inspiration. They have something I really like. Your player receive badges according to your achievements. I explain:

    If you score tons of goals using your head, you could get a “Header Master”.
    If you are a free kick specialist, you could get a Free Kick Teacher badge.
    If you make many assistances, you could get a Goal Tipper badge.
    If you run like crazy, you could get Wind Speed badge.
    If you are a monster stopper, you could get a Wall Defender badge.. These badges, make these attributes even better but it’s not possible to have them all or even choose. It’s according to your behavior.

    When we play online with our legend today, we face players with 99 in almost everything. How (not) fun is that? I really don’t enjoy playing this. I have to play to get a good player to use online where I really like.

  2. Some good suggestions there Will. Yeah, Online would need much work but I do genuinely believe the potential is there with the mode.

  3. NBA 2k has a very good idea for career but the development gets very repetitive by the beginning of the 2nd season, and it’s boring, if you’re able to achieve a lot. Also every game, NBA 2k, MLB The Show, etc, limits your market based on years of experience instead of player ability. If your virtual self is a superstar of meteoric rise at 19, then the game should have teams competing for his contract. Above all, the AI needs to be sharp and competitive. Against itself too, not dependent on the user.

    Certainly isn’t easy developing a career mode! As long as the base game is great and we’re able to get updated rosters on top of the Option File sharing, both Career and Master League should be a blast.

  4. Great article and it is good to see someone not only speak
    about BAL (!), but also how much they have enjoyed it.

    I agree with everything you have said as far as improvements
    go. My biggest problem is that, like you have mentioned, the mode has been
    disregarded altogether. Not only that, it seems to have gotten worse in the
    most ‘game breaking’ of waya, to the point where I believe it is unplayable on
    Superstar level (and maybe Top Player too). PES 2011-13 had the basics down
    when it comes to your teams and the oppositions teams A.I. At the highest level, the opposition was, as
    you would expect, playing on Superstar level etc. The rest of your team were
    playing roughly at this level, although I have been tempted to think they were
    one level down. This was fine and a reasonable challenge. However, come 2014/15
    it would seem that your team is on at least two or more levels below that of
    the computers. So even if you are playing on Superstar level with Barcelona, the
    rest of your team play like they are in League One or maybe a bottom half Championship
    side. I genuinely do not think this is an exaggeration. To make matters worse,
    if you were playing a team in the Championship, they would be playing like
    Barcelona on a very, very good day, and you would have to completely carry your
    mediocre side.

    I imagine if you played BAL on Regular – or possibly Top Player
    – the teams are more evenly matched, but I have always wanted to try and test
    myself at the highest level in BAL. My fear is that this same issue will arise
    in BAL 2017. I hope they can revert back to the way it was.

    Do you guys agree? Adam, what do you think mate?

  5. a lot of good ideas. now pes didnt do it im happy that we are going to see the journey in fifa17 witch im looking forward to try in a football world instead of the nba2k series witch is pure class to make those modes

  6. Heh you obviously have never played BAL from the beginning. It was difficult to begin with. You were not an automatic starter. You were not a cert to be picked for the national team etx etc. Konami is terrified of upsetting the masses…..

    After the declaration that 2v2 is unimportant do you really think Konami care about fixing any mode that does not contain microtransactions?

    Wake up mate.

  7. I played from 1st appearance in PES .. ok at 1st then got worse. I am not talking about MY player I am talking about his 10 AI team mates, totally ROTTEN couldn’t pass more than 3 passes without losing the ball, wouldn’t go near loose balls, they’d back away from attacking cpu players and even with 3 of my AI round a single CPU player couldn’t wouldn’t tackle couldn’t string more than 3-4 passes together. Ok I said this is a low level team I am in .. Seasons later with my player stats up – Barca come calling – thank the lord I will have AI team mates who will pass tackle close CPU players down it will be worth all the pain of ROTTEN AI team mates I have endured. Joke on me, sitting on bench, Barca knocking the ball about as the 11 AI on the pitch look and play like Barca .. 10mins into 2nd half on I come .. suddenly my 10 AI Barca team mates may as well be the team mates in my very 1st club .. couldn’t pass couldn’t wouldn’t tackle – not close loose balls .. I gave up on BAL because no matter the level of team you join your AI team mates were ROTTEN. I would end having to drop my CF back to edge of my own box to defend and start own attacks, my CF would have to be his own FB CB CM to get anywhere. What a mode BAL could have been .. but like your AI team mates in other modes in your Human team, they are just as poor, do this, keep 1 player under control and watch the CPU attack and watch your AI controllled team mates .. they are a joke compared to the AI controlled players in the CPU teams..

  8. When that survey comes around for PES 2018, I’m going to unload on suggestions for BAL. It just hasn’t grown, and really is behind in terms of player-career modes when looking at other sports titles. That doesn’t mean I want a story mode, in fact, I REALLY don’t want a story mode, because I want MY career to be MY story.

  9. In the older versions of the game, your stats for club and country for each year were kept and you could go over them at any time. The last three editions got rid of that. International call up was the reason why I returned to PES over FIFA’s version of BAL. Problem with it is that there are way too many friendlies, and that the qualifications occur at the end of the club season. That is not realistic . Keep it simple. It is not like most people want the full NBA 2K treatment (those story lines are cliche and rubbish) We are not obsessed with the materialist approach to NBA either. There were snippet of interaction with the media and team mates in the 2013 /2014 edition. Build on that

  10. It will be better If It be online but If they could make one big server It will be Amazing and If u can first play with your school football Team and If they can make certain time for matches that be good for all people all over the world and If it has no end it will be with account

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