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Brazilian League Confirmed, + Neymar Returns!

Huge event in Brazil last night reveals some incredible news!

First of all, huge thanks to the community guys who were posting up news throughout the evening, Most notably Coragi who attended the event.

So, as you can see from the header pic 20 Brazilian teams are in. They are:

Atlético Mineiro
Vasco da Gama
SC Internacional
Sao Paulo
Ponte Preta
Atletico Goianense

Thanks to for the list.

Below we have a new trailer, although seeing as it was recorded from someone at the event the quality is not the best:

YouTube Preview Image

The trailer also confirmed new stadiums added!

And finally, the South American cover was shown off, confirming the return of Neymar!

Check it out below.

All in all, an amazing evening!

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  • jimmy

    @ Rasheed

    Great day, great news,
    And guys be patient, they will announce Argentina league in September I’m sure.

    I wish so much Argentina! FIFA hasn’t Argentina, and PES will kick their a@@ XD

  • nicky C

    Honestly, they should keep the name Brasileirão.

  • Gui Cramer


    See? There’s no single one. Every sponsor makes it their own.

    Regarding skill level I’d say overall the teams aren’t as weak as you’d imagine but they definitely almost always lack any depth whatsoever. The way coaches have the players play also influences results and how well single talent can be showcased. Some teams are just average but with no area that stands out while some teams have a couple of players above average with talent. I’d say that goalkeepers are usually underrated, as much as they love punching the ball or smacking it away instead of holding it, they’re usually good.

    Positioning and vision/passing are probably some of the weakest points, along with something the game cannot track which is basically effort put in training and in the game, to improve.

  • Gui Cramer

    Also, Vasco’s defender (#26 I think) in my opinion is superior to Thiago Silva.

  • Rick

    No Diego Forlan on the trailer ??? Hope he is already in Inter Porto Alegre in the game…