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Brazilian Media Talk PES 2012

Konami post Brazilian media impressions of PES 2012 on Facebook.

Don’t worry, they speak in English. Click here to watch!

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  • danielrh (Vict0r Sweet)

    Nice echoing – what everyone’s been saying, looking forward to it now

  • Rebsat

    Adam, you forgot to mention my name in the above because I was the only one to put this news on the forums

  • Han

    Not exactly an in-depht preview :-D

  • salem UAE

    u r right Han just keep waiting =_= and where is new features, online & edits as seabass said at least show us some informations. Thanks media

  • salem UAE

    thanks PES for disappointing us and fifa send strong massage to all arabic fans that the game will be full arabic version including commentary.

    Please PES and kitana media try at least commentary we dont want full version. the best narration arabic commentary is Raouf Khalif in Al Jazeera Sport Channel. there is no time if they add him everybody will be satisfied.

    this link for fifa. EA maneger send a message to all arabic fans.
    I afraid PES will lose arabic fans : (

  • salem UAE

    check fifa media. everyday there new post with alot of new information.

    I think PES will lose a huge PES arabic fans because of commentary.

    check fifa media they posted on 23rd
    (arabic commentary – message to all arabic fans) Im really feel disappointed.

    PLZ kitana media.

  • salem UAE

    check the post in fifa media

    All fifa fans happy about it not only arabic fans even other nationality. see thier momments all positives.

    most of us dont care about the gameplay. we want arabic commentary to have fun and to enjoy. I afraid PES will lose arabic fans.

  • moeom

    hey Salem, no need to be so down. There will be someone from the PES Editing Community who will more than willing to strip the Arabic FIFA Commentary and put it for PES. ;)

  • Redouan

    But thats not possible for the consoles is it?

  • salem UAE

    moeom thats okay but we want something profissional edit to match every single word during the match. not only arabic commentary, I hope there is Turkish and Singapore because I noticed there is alot of PES fans in these countries.

    Last year they add more than 5 commentaries and this year they have to add at least three as I said (Arabic, Turkish and Singapore.

    PLZ PES, you have to concern about commentaries. otherwise you will lose alot of PES fans because of commentary.

  • dr dude

    I hate to be that guy, but is there any chance you could moderate Saleem’s posts as he fills up the feedback section on every news piece with arabic commentary and its getting very annoying

  • salem UAE

    thanks dr dude ^_^
    nice to see you. I like you as much as you hate me hhhhhhhhhhh

  • salem UAE

    by the way dude. Im not only adding my comments here. you can find me in Facebook twitter and youtube.
    Im making revolution for adding arabic commentary hhhhhhhhh

    Dont be annoying about my posts just ignored ^_^

  • salem UAE

    watch my latest video (PES 2011 – COD) I hope you will like it ^_^

  • jonee

    Saleem@ THERE IS NO ENOUGH ASIAN COMMENTARIES comparing with europe & america. We want chiness arabic & sengaphore

  • chi su

    guys its big issue pes has to announce asian commentries im from vitnam

  • aa1to

    Personally I always turn off the commentary after maybe 10 games, so I can’t really see the need.

  • Ruda
  • salem UAE

    italian and argentina you deserted congratulation ^_^ im waiting arabic and i hope to heard good news about commentary

  • salem UAE

    Congratulation Ruda you deserved