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Data Pack 5.0 & Patch 1.04 Now Available

Konami have now released Data Pack 5.0 and Patch 1.04 for PES 2013 on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

The new Data Pack comes adding the Copa Libertadores 2013 season into the game as a whole new mode. It updates Copa Libertadores with new kits and additional players. It also features the official referee uniform, ball and emblems of the 38 main teams that make up the competition.

Patch 1.04 comes with a fix for MLO and also other tweaks allowing for a better gaming experience.

Let us know your thoughts of the new update via the comment section below.

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  • yek  hafta

    plz pes2014 information and screenshots

  • Justin Rose

    I have now played the game numerous times and I can tell you that improvements have certainly been implemented patch 1.04…

    1. The general improvements are to do with the A.I movement of the players
    - the defensive A.I is certainly more proactive and the attacking A.I aren’t caught out offside as often

    2. I think the goal keepers have been slightly tweaked to produce more realistic outcomes / animations

    3. Shooting has been slightly tweaked – in particular the R2 control shot

    4. Crossing and headers have been SLIGHTLY improved (but not enough!)

    All in all, I think that Konami have now achieved the best they can realistically muster from outdated game engine…

    It has also now become clear that the MAIN gameplay issues that limit any real further improvements or patches for the current engine are…

    1. The PS2 collision system that is too basic – it affects shoulder to shoulder / side by side tackling and the jostling / fighting for aerial balls (in order to win headed attempts on goal) that come into the box from corners or crosses.

    2. The ball physics are better than they were in PES 2012 but they are still too limited and basic. The flight paths of the ball are overly scripted or canned in their possibilities thereby making the ball behave more laser guided or magnetized as opposed to it being its own free flowing entity.

    3. What also does not help is the lack of animations to appropriately deal with different flight paths of the ball or the coming together of 2 players. For this reason you will see silly things like lightweight attackers being immune to tackles at certain angles of body position (such as side to side) even against a strong muscular defender – or other examples of attacking players producing strange heading or shooting animations – even diving at the ball but missing it completely which is rather frustrating especially when that attacker is an unmarked position of free space to strike the ball.

    I hope that all makes sense guys!…

    I don’t have much more to say until the arrival of PES 2014…

    so catch you all soon :-)

  • Justin Rose

    Hey Rob – how’s it going? Any news on the option file? Thanks

  • Rob

    Hi, latest update went out last night chek the boards guys :)

  • Justin Rose

    Here is the link to the latest option file guys

    Thank you so much Rob – you are the man! :-)

  • Zado316

    U are so right about the ball. Yesterday I was playing master league, I digress a little, apologies, I think Didier Drogba is the best “defender” in the game, he tackles like in fifa, always accurate, love him, I always steal the ball from opposition defenders n midfielders with him, I think he shud have been a defender in this game. Anyway while playing M League, I kept stealing the ball from the opposing midfield n CB with Drogba, n each time the ball went in the same direction, towards an opposing player, and initially, the ball wud fly way from me like Roberto Carlos or C.Ronaldo had smashed it towards goal and as the ball wud approach an opposition player it wud slow down tremendously, (scripted) with some Magic Backspin! Wow!!!!!

    The thing I hate about PES games is that if ur playing the CPU on high levels the game CHEATS Blatantly/ Flagrantly. PES is the worst at cheating i.e. blatant fouls committed with no cards given to CPU, limbs going through each other so CPU cud score, overshot crosses by player when CPU has perfect passing n ( Wolves has better passing and trapping than Manchester unites when CPU uses it. lol!!!) crossing, defenders Running out of the way of attacking players then attempting to go for the ball after the attacker has passed………….. The list goes on.

    The current patch has addressed some of these issues but the blatant scripting is still there with uncalled fouls n scripted ball trajectory being the most frequent I’ve encountered. I feel that the last 3 games from Konami, Pes 2011-13 are the most On Rails games Konami’s PES studios have ever made, even on manual settings on the current patch 1.04 one still has to contend with the CPU controlling ur player I.e. when defending balls n in side by side tackles.

  • Zado316

    I want the new pes to have better ball physics than fifa 14. There shud be infinite flight paths by the ball n pliz Konami.
    TONE Down the Scripting;
    -No more CPU controlling a player I’m controlling- defender moves out of the way(patch 1.04 reduced it but it still happens). Defensive errors shud be by player not scripting.
    -No more tackles in the opposite direction to the player with the ball.
    -No more attackers refusing to get in the box, no more of ur tallest defenders moving out of the Box during Corner kicks.

  • Zado316

    I’m happy with the patch improvements n I’m currently liking forward to PES 2014, I’m officially done with 2013, they have done a good job considering where this engine was in 2011.

  • Kezzer70

    Ever since I updated and applied the 3.4 option file update, the game is consistently jamming. Anyone else getting this??? It’s extremely annoying and I’ve yet to play a match!

  • Mark c

    Do I need to delete previous patches or just copy on top of it

  • Mark c

    Do I need to delete previous patches or just copy on top of it? Does anyone know?

  • Justin Rose

    First of all I downloaded and installed patch 1.04 – then I downloaded and installed data pack 5.0 and then I downloaded and installed option file 3.4 – this was all therefore copied over my previous patch and option file etc

  • Oren Moyal

    Guys! what are you talking about? The game remains identical to the previous version. I’m afraid this is all some Placebo effect.your mind is tricking you and KONAMI are tricking all of us by saying ” also other tweaks allowing for a better gaming experience” come on! be serious.let’s just enjoy the game for another few months as it is until pes 2014.cheers!!

  • Justin Rose

    Hey Rob – No rush or anything – just wondering when option file version 3.5 is due? Thanks

  • jack

    hey i want to ask, why when i install data pack 5 and install of 3.4 there are 2 copa santander libertadoer on my menu, one said copa santander libertadore and one said copa santander libertadores (updated)
    what is that mean??
    please answer anybody…

  • Rob

    V3.5 should be along soon. It will have the missing presets put back in etc. I’m looking at the possibility of making the confederations cup stadiums it depends on what the edit mode lets us do, as far as accuracy goes. We’ll update the relevant squads for them too. These may well come as team pack and stadium pack though. We’ve got a few new members maybe we should them to the test :-D

  • Justin Rose

    Sounds great Rob – your skills and dedication are second to none – PES would not be the same without your influence :-)

  • mr.pes

    how do I download it?

  • jargalan

    someone please tell me how to put in the real teams ,iam new to this ,if anybody could help i’d really appreciate.