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Data Pack Now Available

Kits, boots n’ balls.

A quick load up of PES2012 confirms that the Data Pack unexpectedly announced late last week is now available for download. Full details on the contents can be found here.

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  • zub

    Forget the data pack konami, concentrate on getting the gameplay back to its former glory

  • Jay

    Can we call a halt to these PES crusaders who think they speak for the whole community please? Its getting incredibly irritating.

  • Sedophile

    Agreed with Jay.

  • Mike R

    I agree with zub! They also forgot the adidas predator SL boots..


    And those Nike boots are pretty old… There is a new rage out already..
    Poor konami!

  • Kitana Media

    It’s all about staying up to date, and I guess only being allowed to release DLC at certain times.

    Sure some of the boots arent the latest colourway, but some are, so there’s some credit there.

    Love how a few love to focus on negatives, and never give credit where it’s due.

    Be balanced everyone.

  • DJakupi

    How do i download it?

  • Kitana Media

    By going into ‘extra content’ from the main menu. Right at the top it should have the ‘data pack’ option lit up.

    Make sure you are on the latest patch, 1.03.

  • Mike R

    @ Kitana Media: I really don’t agree.
    We pay a lot of money for this game and you have to expect a lot more then poor gameplay and old data packs..

    Konami fails! (for a couple of years in a row)…

  • Chuk

    I have to agree with Mike R. I feel like I’m getting the short end for remaining loyal to Konami. If you can’t complain about something you pay good money for, then what can you complain about. I’m tired of FIFA winning best sports game of the year while I’ve been faithful since ISS on the SNES. On a lighter note, I think Neymars stats got boosted :)

  • barcahater2

    Balls and boots… cool but if the game was ruined with patches who cares? I’m a 100% legit and honest guy. Yesterday i was seriously laughing when i was playing online (i cant believe i played it again) i shot the ball with fast tap of square for a low shot at keeper left hand at goal and the ball goes right side and high!!! LOL and no player was pressing on to me! I can understand if you got a defender on top of you the shot can come out weird but what the hell????

    Konami did this with the patches, they broke the game and have no intentions of fixing it. How can they not fix the broken shooting system?

    Why is PES 2013 being hyped RIGHT NOW when there is no news about it? Do they expect us to fall for the hype again after 6 fail years? (since PES6 360)

  • Willis2

    I agree with “ZUB”, why to waste time making DLC like this. I’d rather see a patch that makes transfers possible during a league season. That was possible earlier and the game felt much more realistic. Now I have to play the whole season with same players, it’s sad…

  • SiRLion

    I agree with Mike R.

    HD remake- pes6 with 360 degrees and gauge-passing. then I could probably wait 2-3 years for new well done pes on this gen.

  • barcahater2

    I dont think many people are interested in a pes6 remake. It’s mostly hardcore PES fans that are interested in that. With next gen consoles coming soon we going to be playing PS2 games? -_-

    Anyway i’m officially done with PES 2012. I made a joke account to play with scrub teams against all the barca barca barca lol just for a laugh but on my last game i picked Brazil cuz i wanted to see Neymar’s new stats, Anyway i beat another… yeah barca user… 5-1… i scored so many cheap goal, 4 cross goals… the crossing is a joke and has been since demo 2. I complained like crazy during demo 2 and no one listened to me, nice one! Anyway i couldn’t take it i trashed the guy by playing ugly football just cross the ball non stop with Neymar. Shooting is terrible, most goals are cheap cross or 1 on 1 go by same keeper AI. It’s over for PES there is just no way PES 2013 can be good, it’s just impossible.

  • Andricez

    Its pretty sad that after so many years of playing this game it only gets worse and worse. When I got pes 2011 I thought “ok well this may not be perfect but all they really need to do for next year is make the game more fluid and improve the animations”. But now after playing pes 2012 for a couple months my love for this game died. How can a game that seemed to promise so much come out to be such a disappointment. The shooting is really bad, the passing is slow and bouncy (not to mention the inconsistency in the power of passing), and keepers are ridiculous. In all honsety there are some people out there that enjoy the game and say its perfect, well im glad they love it. Im just tired of constantly having to feel frustrated because players seem to be lost and confused and shooting feels to either go where the comp wants it to go or home in like a missile at the goalie. Srry for the long rant but im completely disappointed in the game and will not be buying it again. Pes 2013 will not be any better and again if u love the game and feel that nothing is wrong with it just ignore this comment. 1n

  • wills

    Really excited about Thierry Henry signing a short term deal with Arsenal. Having said that, does anyone know if Henry is in the game?(pes2012-ps3)

  • Kitana Media

    Oh man, I though you were leaving barcahater2?

    The fact you’re already writing off PES 2013 shows me everything I need to know about you. I bet when you find a £5 note on the floor you’re angry about not finding a tenner.

    I think everyones opinions are valid, but this ‘PES has been rubbish for years’ nonsense has to stop. It’s one extreme to the next. It’s been competent, overstating it’s quality, or lack of, is poor use of intellect. If you want to tell me what YOU think it’s cool, but don’t start harping like you’re the one and only judge of good games and what you say is what everyone thinks.

    Don’t you think if it was as bad as you say there would be some huge out cry? Like 5 million people going back to the shops every year and demanding a refund?

    Sounds silly doesn’t it, just like some of the stuff you all come out with.

    Stop being keyboard heroes and start impressing everyone with some intelligent discussion, rather than stupid comments. Writing off PES 2013 before you know anything about shows how low some of you have come, and if you think that way you should really disappear from this website because it’s clear you guys won’t add any sort of worthy discussion.

    @ Mike R, it’s a case of glass half full, or half empty isn’t it? Some old boots yes, and some new ones, like the vapors and f50′s. Focus on the negatives all you want, but there are positives. And it’s free content trying to update the art. I don’t see EA doing that?

  • El Capitano

    @ Kitana Media

    I can talk how I want to take because I am the consumer. If I feel there is an issue with certain aspects of the game I have a right to express my opinion.

    The FACT is the shooting is shit. I don’t even enjoy scoring goals on this game anymore. A few nights ago I was playing with Madrid, using Kaka I beat one player, cut inside another and fired one far corner. The ball went into the near top corner (opposite side of the goal to which I aimed). It looked great but that’s not what I attempted. Things like this happen constantly and spoil the exprience.

    I cant believe that after all the versions of PES the latest one has a flawed shooting system!

    I’m over playing this shit and if you offered me a free pair of football boots (not virtual ones) that still wouldn’t be enough for me to continue playing a game that has major flaws.

    I can live with keepers dropping the ball, poor/stiff animations and boring aerial battles as PES makes up for that in the football you can play. But when you can’t finish off your passing move with a decent shot or actually aim a shot at the part of goal I want the game quickly becomes boring.

    You can continue to defend Konami’s laziness but it’s not acceptable. Me and a few friends played PES 11 until 12 was released but we have all stopped playing 12 as it’s no longer enjoyable.

    As I initially said the shooting system needs fixing and this should be Konami’s priority. The players cant even shoot where you aim so who cares if that player is wearing Adidas, Nike or Puma!

    Get with it people.

  • Kitana Media

    No, you get with it El Capitano.

    Use that brain of yours and think about why, after 3 patches, the shooting hasn’t been changed.

    Go on. Lazy? Yeh right, they’ve brought out 2 data packs and 3 patches since launch. Can’t be bothered? Why bother with the first 3 patches then!

    You can tell me all you want how much they need to sort out the shooting, if it makes you feel better. But I’d rather read something interesting than the mindless rubbish I see on here.

    I mean what sort of argument is “doesn’t matter about the boots, shooting is rubbish”. Really? If I ping one in the top corner, I’m not bothered about what boots my player is wearing.

    The boots are there to keep it up to date visually. It’s not there to make the shooting better. The gameplay guys didn’t suddenly think to get out their paintbrush and update the boots. Different teams, different focuses.

    I wish some of you would actually read what you’ve written before you post it. Not good reading. Saying I’m defending Konami is rubbish too, where did I say shooting is perfect? All I’m asking for is some commonsense in why it’s not been tweaked.

    I prefer to look for answers and understanding then simply moaning with no productivity.

  • Chuk

    @Kitana Media

    If loyal fans can’t whine here, where can we whine?

  • Chuk

    Try to see it from our POV. We go though all the trouble of updating the game with option files so it can look licensed. We overlook the fact that some important leagues are missing. All we are asking is for game-play that is close to reality. I’m tired of my player homing in for the foul instead of where I direct them. Don’t even get me started on the shooting