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E3 2016 – PES 2017 Interview With Adam Bhatti

PES 2017 is shaping up very nicely indeed, and with that, we got the chance to talk with PES Global Product & Brand Manager, Adam Bhatti during the on-going E3 expo.

Take a look at the video below as Gari asks Adam a few questions regarding PES 2017, ranging from talking about the very popular decision to allow option file sharing on the PlayStation 4 and if Konami are planning to use dedicated servers for online.

Let us know your thoughts on the interview in the comment section below.

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12 thoughts on “E3 2016 – PES 2017 Interview With Adam Bhatti
  1. My only question is where were the gameplay videos? That’s what I was looking forward to at E3. FIFA had the same problem but someone manged to leak a recording at least. Are we really going to have to wait until Gamescom? Smh.

  2. From the Premierdivisionfootballclub.com:

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    PS: remember July 2014? When I was in London at work trying to contact you? I was trying to show the ‘work’ of PES TEAM UK for the fans. But, since you really don’t have nothing to do with the people working with the game production – you know nothing but Press Releases Translation coming from Roppongi.

    Yep, I was trying to show to the whole world of PES fans you’re nothing but a faker. You know nothing. You do nothing. And again, I’m heading to UK next August – so, try to be a man at least one time on your life and be face to face with me.

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  3. Hey Tito..

    I understand your anger.. & believe me he pisses me the fuck off with his constant lies & arrogance.. But that shit about islamic state..?? Come on man.. That was ridiculous..!?

  4. Yeah PES 2016 is the best pes since 07 no doubt about it. MY club can be improve a little and the online experience has to be improved. PES 2017 in my opinion won’t be better than 2016 if they don’t include some of the things that pes manager has in the my club mode. they have to add more cinematic, animations, cut-sences etc, this year pes 2017 its not looking good if they just concentrarte on gameplay

  5. never going to see 2v2 online in pes lol or a new mode for the game… who plays become a legend ??? that takes for ever to develop your player and hours of gameplay and it becomes super boring after season 2 or 3 there’s nothing to do in that mode is just super boring and not worth the time you have to put. ML is a little better but lacks of cinematic and things to do outside the pitch. why not implement some stuff thats on pes manager like buying a new stadium or upgrading your facilites…. My club needs a 2v2 online upgrading facilities (i mean after all its called myclub) an in mode edit option to edit boots, gloves, etc, change players between users i mean there are so many things you can add lol these guy have no imagination whatsoever

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