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Gamescom 2016 – PES 2017 Interview

During our time at Gamescom, we were given the opportunity to sit down and discuss PES 2017 with Konami.

In the video below, Gari Clark asks the questions to the Konami Online & Social Media Manager, and of course, formally WENB, Asim Tanvir.

The interview is 10 minutes long, so sit back, enjoy and let us know what you thought in the comment section below.

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3 thoughts on “Gamescom 2016 – PES 2017 Interview
  1. I dont know about anyone else but that interview did not exactly fill me with confidence.. It seems that Asim will say whatever he is told to say & he has lost credibility for me.. Im not sure he realises but he is contributing to the downfall of we/pes.. Also just looking at the gameplay in the video, it looks unrealistic & players move unnaturally which is a dissapointment.. I just hope that the game is fun to play, which by the looks of things & previous recent versions, im not holding my breath..

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