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Is Asia Getting Some PES Love?

In the early hours of last night, a prominent South American PES community site (Todo Winning Eleven) reported some very interesting news following some shrewd Twitter searches. The early indications are that Konami might be snapping up some Asian Football licenses that could be announced as early as next week.

With the launch of PES 2012, Konami introduced Arabic text into series for the first time allowing PES fans in Arabia to easily navigate menus and options. However, recently there have been some major campaigns requesting licensed teams from the region and Asia as a whole, as well as Arabic commentary. Could this now be the time for Asia and the Middle East to get some serious attention, following the South American invasion of PES 2013 last season?

A tweet last night by Dr. Hafez Al-Medlej (@Hafez_AlMedlej), the Head of Marketing at the AFC (Asian Football Confederation) is sure to excite PES fans in the run-in to this years release.

HAfezThe tweet doesn’t translate well in Google Translate, but the direct translation states;

“I have reported the news of the application of the league to excite and delight the fans of PES (Japanese League – The common name of PES in the region historically from J-League Winning Eleven past). Another delight next Monday with very important news. Don’t ask anymore questions as there is only a week left until the announcement.”

It’s surprising how much the distinguished Doctor managed to fit into one tweet, but one thing is for certain that we should expect some news on Monday. The one question that will play on the minds of every PES fanatic will be “what news should we expect?”. Some obvious suggestions would be licenses of national teams in Asia, specific league licenses in Asia or alternatively licenses to Asia-wide football tournaments including the Asian Cup (National Teams) or the Asian Champions League. With less than a week left until the announcement we’re just going to have to hang tight, whilst the PES community in Asia loses it’s mind!

We would like to thank Todo WE for this information and the expert work done by John Rojas. PES UNITES!

Source: Todo WE

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  • Salem Milan

    Thanks Suffwan & PES

    If PES add Arabic Commentary “Raouf Ben Khelif”
    Then PES will smask FIFA in Middle East !!!!!!!!!!!! No doubt
    Come on PES, You can do it

    Check the video in YouTube
    65 likes – 0 dislike

    Thanks again for the best news I have ever heard !!

  • Salem Milan


  • Suffwan Eltom

    You’re welcome Salem, we will have exclusive information about PES 2014 in our new website WENB Arabia that is being developed in collaboration with Konami

  • Salem Milan

    Great bro, I can’t wait. I will share it in Facebook & YouTube to increase the fans in WENB Arabia. All the best

  • Salem Milan

    For Player ID & game cover, I think Omar Abdulrahman deserve to get player ID and to be there in PES 2014 cover if PES announce AFC Champions League. He is Emirates (UAE) and playing in Al Ain Club. We call him “Iniesta of ARAB”. Arabic fans like him specially Saudi Arabian so PES will get more fans. Check it out

  • Football Game Fan

    The top looks amazing, Looks like it’s separate from the body.

  • warrior

    First of all PES needs to add Turkish Super League, Fifa does not have the license anymore so this is a very big chance for KONAMI. Turkish league is the biggest league konami can add to pes14 (besides the ones that are already in the game).

  • Football Game Fan

    Konami dont give us Asian teams so it means fuck all for us Europeans.

  • Alex Summers

    lol thats real messi, not game messi

  • Salem Milan

    If AFC Champions League will be in PES 2014, I hope to add more (Unofficial Leagues) like:
    - African League
    - North American League

    Let we say there are 12 teams and try to get licenses for the most famous clubs at least 2 clubs in each league for example; in African, the most popular teams are
    - Al Ahly from Egypt
    - Al Tarragi from Tunisia

    Add more Turkish and Greece clubs because PES has huge fans there.
    This game should be world wide soccer game and I wish to PES teams all the best

  • Salem Milan

    If PES think to add Player ID for Arabic players. Here are some famous players in Middle East rigion

  • Rudá Cabral

    CONCACAF Champions League is specially needed now, a great tournment and a great way to license Mexican clubs, which would help a lot PES get in the b

  • Mancunian Devil

    @Suffwan:disqus So, the game’s gonna be announced next week?

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