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Konami + Dortmund Enter 4 Year Top-Level PES Partnership

Konami have today entered into a new 4-year top level PES partnership with German club, Borussia Dortmund.

This 4 year deal will see Dortmund be perfectly recreated in PES 2017 and beyond. All kits will be correct and present in the game, with Konami also getting access to the 1st team squad to make sure the likeness in PES is absolutely spot on.

Konami will also recreate the stunning Signal Iduna Park stadium within the game and recreate anthemic songs and chants used pre-match and by Dortmund’s passionate fans. The publisher will also use its incredible face-scanning systems to recreate the squad’s likenesses within PES 2017, with all these elements to follow in a free downloadable update after the game is released. Tomotada Tashiro, President of Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. stated:

We are delighted to be working with such a forward-thinking football club as Borussia Dortmund in this capacity. We are committed to bringing this illustrious club to life with PES 2017 and beyond, and the club and its players will be vital in introducing the series to its massive fan base. For those attending this year’s gamescom, I’m also excited to confirm that we will have two of Dortmund’s biggest players, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Shinji Kagawa, making a special appearance at the KONAMI booth in Hall 8.1 on August 18th – we look forward to seeing you there!

Carsten Cramer, Sales and Marketing Director of Borussia Dortmund added:

We look forward to a close relationship with KONAMI and the PES team. Our fans expect football of the highest quality and we know that KONAMI has the ability to replicate our playing style and the abilities of our team perfectly.

With Gamescom kicking off tomorrow for the general public, the official trailer has also been released. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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6 thoughts on “Konami + Dortmund Enter 4 Year Top-Level PES Partnership
  1. I’ve watched a few games and I am sill not convinced the AI is good enough in this game. I’ll wait for the Demo to judge.
    To me it seems AI players on the ball still don’t take advantage of space when they have it/ create it after dribbling past a player, especially on the wings. Old pes and FIFA atm moment do a very good job of Taking Advantage of Space. Quick players in Pes 2010 and Current FIFA will knock the ball forward and chase after it in these scenarios:
    – when attacking on the flank and the closest defending player has been passed.
    – when initiating quick counter attacks so the AI runs a bluff move utilizing passing in triangles/tiki taka to pull defenders out of the way and as soon as an opening forms the AI Player On The Ball knocks the ball forward & sprints with it to take advantage of the Space Created While in FULL AWARENESS OF OPPOSITION DEFENDING PLAYERS POSSITIONS in relation to Him and the OBJECTIVE( the goal). It was amazing how Human like AI Utilization of space was in Old Pes i.e. pes 2010.

    I feel in current pes including the few videos of Human vs AI clips of Pes 2017, AI players tend to hold the ball too long and act as though they aren’t well aware of their surroundings. Trying to dribble when they shouldn’t, instead of passing and moving in scenarios where they for instance have inertia of rest and are under pressure from “The User’s or player’s” defenders thus making it difficult to control the ball and Accelerate away from the defending player and still keep the ball. This happening every once in a while is fine as even the best players in real life make poor Judgements which costs them the ball, but the Frequency with which it has been occurring in Pes since pes 2014 is a cause for concern. I haven’t played Pes 2017 and will wait for the Demo to make my decision but the clips we’ve watched so far haven’t been convincing.

    The AI Decision making in term of:
    1) identifying space should improve
    2)utilizing it space should improve; improve awareness of surrounding for players on the ball especially creative players like Ozil so that so that unnecessary and pointless ball hogging is minimized. Pointless passing at the back like in Pes15/16 should be minimized. If space is created on the pitch the AI Should Eploit it.

  2. In the IGN video, Arsenal didn’t have a shot on goal the entire game. I hope that wasn’t superstar.

  3. Maybe it was regular difficulty and the Human player was decent, cause after watching that ign video I doubt it was amateur difficulty.

    I just hope the AI in 2017 will be aggressive and proactive, constantly searching for space and taking advantage of it, not just mindlessly holding the ball or aimlessly running with it when there’s a team mate in a better position with Acres of Space on the flank or where ever it may be to run down it.
    In pes 15/16 there was no urgency. The AI was Docile and passive. If u did a half decent job of closing the down and shutting down passing lanes, the AI had no clue how to take advantage of space it created and was content with passing the ball back to the defense. Most matches I’ve played with the AI in Pes 15 & 16 end up with the AI having more than 58% ball possession but far less shots than me. I hope that won’t be the case with 2017. I want to see Dribblers like messi and Ronaldo run at you when being controlled by the AI like they did in old pes. I want to see them utilize the 1-2 pass aka “pass and move” to get past physical defenders, and once past them, when the initiating player receives the ball back, he should effectively and productively run with the ball OR pass /Cross it to a player in a better position .

  4. Wow, you’re still here spouting nonsense. The game died in 2012. They don’t listen, get over it.

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