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Konami Explain No Next-Gen For PES 2014

Konami have explained why they chosen to skip next-gen for PES 2014.

PES 2014 is shaping up to be one of the best PES games in recent years but will only be released for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.  There have been fans who have slated the decision made by Konami to skip next-gen until PES 2015 but Manorito Hosoda and Jon Murphy stand by that decision insisting that most fans of the series will still be with current gen.

Speaking to CVG, Hosoda stated:

We’re not sure how quickly the uptake of the next generation will go, The fan base is with the current gen, and before moving on we want to make a good game with the new engine.

Jon Murphy also added:

We’re kind of damned if we do and damned if we don’t. I think we’re in a slightly different position [to FIFA], because we’ve been criticised in the past about producing a ‘next gen’ version when we weren’t ready.

Perhaps we’re in a slightly different position to another company in that sense, We can’t get away with producing a version that isn’t absolutely shit-hot on next generation.

I think we want to be confident when we do bring something out and not in a position where people are criticising us for producing a sloppy, second rate port. We’re going to produce something that puts us back to where we should be in terms of quality

Are you happy or disappointed with the decision to skip next-gen this year for PES 2014? Let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.

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  • lelly

    PES 14 looks good but it won’t be a different experience if they don’t fix the online, it will be even more frustrating if we have a better game and its getting ruined online.

    How did you report to Konami, videos or just text? Where do you go to report a player?

  • Casperld

    I think it’s a great decision TBH. Fifa can afford (the possible sales hit) to release a next gen right now. Konami want to leave a “cliffhanger” with Pes14. By the time Pes15 comes around, next gen will be in full stride, and what is more pleasing is…that they are ready this time around!.

  • David Doherty

    I am happy with this decision. It means that they can take their time instead of doing what they did last time. PES6 on Xbox 360 was an absolute friggin joke. Modes missing, graphics only basically higher res textures as opposed to making anything look new/radically different.

    This will only benefit PES 201x on Xbox One and PS4 and thats surely a good thing?

  • Salem Milan
  • Birtie Bassett

    The Japanese developers just don’t seem to get online gaming. Pes4, Pes5 were good pes6 had its moments. Since then it’s been high latency hell. I play somebody 10 miles away and it feels like hes in Australia. How do konami do that? Does the gamedata have to go to Japan and bounce back or something? I put up with the bad net code in pes 2011 because MLO was good but they ruined that in the next games be removing the league structure. And Why oh why does the matchmaking match me with people half way around the world which makes it even worse. So I won’t touch this game unless somebody I trust tells me that the game plays well online without high latency.

  • SpursFootyMasters1995

    I REALLY hope that next gen konami only focuses on the online part of the game mainly dont care about lisenses dont care about edit mode dont care about boring single player modes no one plays offline anymore these days anyway most people just want a laugh with there mates ONLINE so just focus on making online leagues and cups and make GAMEPLAY FUNDEMENTEL and stop wasting time on edit modes or the really boreing ML thing because they take up too much developer time that should be focussed on making the game play properly take edit mode out take OFFLINE master league out and use that resources to put more staff on ONLINE master league then only then we will see a good PES again why do you think CoD is best selling game of all time??? ONLINE matches! no one plays CoD offline its pointless if you cant pwn some noobs or better yet your mates. nuff said

  • Matt

    didn’t amazon sell out of their release day ps4s pretty much straight away? won’t all the drifters (like me) who have next gen be buying fifa 14? it seems to me that some effort, even if only graphical, should be made to release something. looks like I’ll be playing fifa again next year and I was so looking forward to not having to……

  • bpool23

    Konami’s online this generation has been a huge failure. Ea has been successful because they knew online gaming was the future. They focused on it and built up a huge fan base. Its sad because all EA did this generation was copy Konami. Their only original idea has been Ultimate Team. We’re at the end of this generation and still haven’t gotten the game we deserve.

  • comm3nt4tor

    Good decision to not repeat the embarassment they did in 2008, but they should also learn to be ready for the NextGen when it is the time. They seem not not learn the latter.

  • Automatic Snake

    Millions are moving to next gen. Pre orders are double that of PS3/360 launch. Sales of PES 14 will be low. I hope eventually Konami gets in the next gen and does something good. Maybe in the year 2016 they make something worth buying.

  • Nizam

    I don’t blame KONAMI for skipping next gen for this year especially when you consider that it took them a good 2-3 good before they released a PES game that was worthy of the PS3 console!

  • Nizam

    Lelly, making a youtube vids is not going to get KONAMI to ban these cheats. Go here to report them;

    Europe (English)

    If you’re not based in Europe (UK) then go here to select your region;

    KONAMI have had this reporting a cheat in place for a while now and I think I’ve seen (possibly on another site) the names of the cheats they have banned so far.

  • Shameegh Boer

    Couldn’t agree more!

  • Justin

    Thanks :-)

  • Rick

    Speak for yourself only…especially when you write like a 12-year-old! I know plenty of gamers like myself who play mostly offline.

  • amsyar