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Konami Hack Down on PES 2013 Cheaters

Good news guys as Konami are finally hacking down on the cheaters that are spoiling online play for many of us on PES 2013.

Konami have been monitoring online for the past 18 months and have noticed that, whilst small, a part of the community have been cheating in order to get their own personal gain to stay top of the online leaderboards. Having experienced this myself many of times, It is fantastic to hear that Konami are slowly but surely getting rid of the cheating in the beautiful game that is PES.

Having took advice from you guys, the wonderful community and sites such as OPE and PESianity, Konami have put together a system that they hope will erase the cheating problem in the game.

They have announced that 247 players have been banned from PES 2013 online play and these numbers will be revised on an almost daily feedback. There new cheating policy can be found over at the PES 2013 Policy. The report player form has also been improved and if you know of a cheater, head over to

Its great to see Konami finally get something sorted regarding cheating and here’s hoping that PES 2014 will be a more cheat-free game that we can all enjoy!. Be sure to let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.

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  • Moe Haidar

    Great news… i stopped playing PES online for the past 2 months because of this issue. gonna start playing again

  • John Favre

    Yes, finally! Konami must ban all online players who always through ball to Messi or Ronaldo!

  • Eduardogonzaless Edu

    It’s some bullshIIIIIt and it never works. I happened to report
    cheaters, who quit the match, when they were losing. I also made
    screenshots with the score, to prove this. And guess what? In a couple
    of days I met those guys again and they were cheating again. It gets
    even worse: a couple of days before my account was banned. So, is this
    the way konami is dealing with cheaters? By punishing those, who’ve been
    cheated? It’s just stupid.