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Konami Release Update for myPES 2013

Konami have released a new update for their social networking application, myPES 2013.

The new update brings in some new features which brings players more stats on how you play PES 2013. It also comes with more options to see the best PES players and where you stack among the best.

The new features in the update include the following:

  • Friends ranking: In the Ranking option of Global Stats (Stats tab), we have added a filter to display ranking of friends only, so you can see who is the best among your friends without having to join a league or a group. You can also display only the games you play against your friends in the Game tab.
  • Goal details in the League menu: When playing a league with your friends, you can now see the number of scored and received goals, as well as the difference between the two.
  • Playstyle information: On the Dashboard, we are giving an indicator of your Playstyle: Offensive, Defensive or Normal.
  • World Map: In the Global Stats tab, you now have access to a World Map displaying the location of all the Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 players using myPES 2013. You can also zoom to a specific continent and region to have more detailed information.

Let us know what you think of the updates myPES 2013 application via the comment section below.

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  • Ministry

    Does anyone even bother with MyPes?

  • Zado316

    My thoughts exactly!!!!!

  • Zado316

    Pes needs to resolve all the flaws they’ve had in all past games. Pes 2013 has too long a list of flaws that I hope won’t transfer to 2014. In my opinion pes 2011,2012, 2013 have been the most unstable, Arcady n flawed pes games I’ve played to date. Konami got the engine ( they use the same engine) wrong. A lot of the time the gameplay in these three games feels confused n without freedom to do as u wish because the CPU is meddling.

  • Saidinho

    This is something no one is waiting for. We want all the flaws to be resolved. We want the league mode back!

  • PierreJD

    The best thing about myPES is that it manages to cram so many cool stats and useful things like league tracking into an app I never use and that should be in the game itself. Hang on, no wait, the other one, I meant ‘worst’…

  • Ministry

    Goal details in the League menu: When playing a league with your friends, you can now see the number of scored and received goals, as well as the difference between the two.

    Wow! Well done Konami thats bloody amazing…All is forgiving for giving us PES 2008-2013.

  • Zado316

    As much as I disliked pes 2008′s Arcady fast pace,n the 11-8 score lines at the end of a match, at least it played like Konami intended, fast n full of fun with minimal to no programming/design flaws. Well at least I think so!
    Gameplay in 2009 got slower with improvements here n there, but managed to maintain its pes identity of fun gameplay. This came at a time when EA were redesigning its Fifa franchise, a process which I believe began in 2007 n continued through to 2008 to the present fifa 2013. Fifa 2008 was the first fifa game that cud claim to rival a Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) in terms of simulation of the sport in my opinion. Infact, given the poor quality of games that pes was releasing on the current gen (ps3/xbox360), I think is where Fifa’s dominance began. Fifa’s resolve was to improve their game engine year on year, whereas pes had no continuity on the current gen, and when they did finally decide to compete for their lost market in 2010 it was too late because technologically Fifa’s engine was head n shoulders way more advanced and stable/consistent than Konami’s reply on an engine in 2011.
    In my opinion the engine designed for pes 2011/2012/2013 was n is the worst engine of all soccer games since gaming. This engine is too unstable n inconsistent. It feels confused.

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  • Pierre Martin Lysell Clasen

    What in the hell have you all done to the game…. English 1. div (Championship) is not in fucking Brazil League…. What are you doing… Why don´t you make the game right from the beginning…. This game is sucks… And i have to download all the kits and some other league.. I hope for your self that you all gonna fix it right away…