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More PES 2014 Fox Engine News Coming Soon?

We have had snippits of tweets from Jon Murphy regarding the new engine taking place in PES 2014 and it seems Mr Murphy is due to check up on the new engine again very soon!.

Speaking via his twitter ago earlier today, Jon tweeted the following:

Whilst he is in L.A to see the new engine, we advise you all to keep an eye out on Jon’s twitter feed as he may bring us some more news very soon. Of course, Let us know what you want from the new engine via the comment section below.

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  • Zado316

    I don’t agree, Pes is more enjoyable with its gamplay being more varied n less stale, but I feel that no recent Pes game even comes close to the simulation sports heights laid by previous pes games. And those games did it with far much inferior technology/engines. I think that fifa are pushing their tech to the max, where as Konami went on vacation since ps2, only to come back n find fifa at the top.
    If I was to rank football/soccer games, this is how they wud stack up;
    1) PES 5 & 6 n all before ps3
    2) EA’s fifa ( counting their efforts since 2008 when the took the crown from pes, whichever is ur favorite u decide)
    3) Football Kingdom from Namco, I believe.
    4) PES 2010 that’s when Konami started taking note of disgruntled fans migrating to fifa. Then they fell of the map the following year with a poor PES 2011 that required a million patches to fix the engine between the demo n the last patch just before PES 2012.
    5) NBA 2K. The quality n depth of their games on ps3 n 360 is unmatched in sports games. Despite it not being a football game I consider their worst game on current consoles to be better than all of Konami’s PES attempts on these consoles.
    6) PES 2013. Konami showing some effort but has a long way to go.
    7) PES 2011/12. They had some pro’s but the cons were to many to even consider them games worth playing

  • Salem Milan

    Gameplay is great but I don’t like CPU assist. Means CPU will judge who and when we can score so just throw the remote and let CPU do whatever he wants hh. PES 2011 has The best manual control and players movements. Not like now. I feel disappointing when I play very well, got better chances than others and the end losing the match by some commen goals like chip over the keeper. Corner kick to CR by using R3 & this is the most silly feature I ever seen. Stronger teams get super advantage to score

    Still I like PES 2011 in manual control and freedom engine. It needs ONLY some new animations to be the best. Now the game became easy to play, easy to score, easy to pass, easy to win without any skills.

    - Passing & shooting system. I prefer PES 2011 as the best manual control.
    - Chip over the keeper is too easy. I like PES 2012 It’s a bit difficult but it needs timing and condition. Not like now just press full power with L1 and score easlly from any direction or position.
    - Player response has to be improved specially defenders.
    - Keeper reaction specially chip over the keeper. He takes few seconds to go back moreover there is no reaction just watching the ball !!
    - Add more animations for shooting (volley), heading, sliding and player pressure (back pulling).
    In the end, the game is enjoyable. I have a great time. Keep going PES and we are waiting the best from you

  • virojo

    just had a session together with a good friend of mine on 2 vs 2. is it me or is the game easier to handle on 2 vs 2. we just summed 100 points in one afternoon, both playing full manual. i am obsessed with the idea that a very good manual player can beat everyone. I think konami is on the right path if they stick to that full manual story… absolutely no comparison between both modes (fm & assisted settings). it’s just a whole different game if both teams are playing full manual. it suddenly feels much more organic and less static. while playing you notice the satisfaction when you send a long cross which arrives exactly at the spot you pointed to and even more satisfaction when you hammer the ball into the opponent’s goal in the corner you choosed by yourself.

  • Justin Rose

    Hey guys – 11 pm tonight is the PS4 announcement!
    Whether we think Konami are doing a good job or are failing miserably…
    Things can only get better! :-)

  • J Murphy

    PES 2014 will be shown off tonight at the announcement of the PS4. 11GMT

  • Zado316

    Can’t wait for that share button, Konami beware

  • Oliver Bastholm

    That is almost all the things I want in PES 2014! That would be a very competitive game!

  • Matheus

    pow no pes 14 podia ter gandulas, carrinho para pegar os jogadores machucados