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New PES 2013 DLC Coming Next Week

Konami have announced that they will be releasing the next batch of DLC for PES 2013 next Thursday, March 7th!.

In a post over at the official PES Facebook page, Konami stated that the latest Data Pack DLC coming next week will include the following:

  • All of the transfers that happened in the January Transfer Window
  • 8 new pairs of boots

Are you excited about the upcoming DLC? Let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.

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  • Zado316

    Well said. Pes feels incomplete n shud not sell of $60

  • Zado316

    But it looks dred full , n has too many flaws as compared to Fifa’s finished product feel, I’m no fifa fan but who wants to keep buying a half baked cake. It’s like buying a brand new car with climate control, superior handling n advanced suspension, also the best gas milage in any car out there, for full price then the dealer tells u that it comes without the doors, tires n suspension n, n without any drop of gas in the tank, n that they will be shipped to you later during the corse of the year( patches), With some unsatisfactory results.Oh n “get ur car out of my dealership”.
    Wud u rather that or buy a used classic that comes with everything plus a year warranty?!

  • Zado316

    Good luck driving ur doorless, climate controlled piece of heaven in the dead of winter. Enjoy!!

  • Rob

    Yes of course you will! We promised an updated OF for this year and for the next update we’ve added some new stuff and updated hundreds if not thousands of things in the edit mode.

    The next update of the OF will be out on Friday once we’ve added the DLC to our own OF and made sure everything looks as we want it.

    Follow us on twitter and/or contact us in the OF thread

  • Hoang Nguyen

    I need a patch gameplay, ver 1.3 is so bad and freak, counter attack and / pass through full bar to Ronaldo, Messi, Ibra, Aguero => goal goal goal

  • Automatic Snake

    Where is patch 1.04??????????????

    Please make gameplay like v 1.00 lol

  • Justin Rose

    Guys you should expect patch 1.04 (if we are lucky) to arrive on Thursday 25th April

  • Zado316

    Please!! No! Why can’t we ask them to make I better? Why shud we move backwards.

  • Zado316

    Rumor is that future Fifa/ EA games will retail at $ 70 n they will have micro transactions. Wow!!! This company is too obsessed with money at the expense of consumers/patrons.

    Konami needs to raise the bar with their future PES titles n take advantage of the fallout EA is having with gamers.

  • Justin Rose

    When the new DLC arrives – should we download and intall the new OPTION FILE from WENB first and then the DLC afterwards or the other way around? Just so I don’t screw up everything I have saved so far. Thanks

  • Pesmunki

    Went to 0 bars dude, full manual pass and shooting.

    Loved it, an amazing game.

    Hard to score though!


    pleassssse konami you must improve sergio romeros stats he is the best goal keeper in seria A until now and he is the first goal keepr for the argentina national team and they are 3rd in the world ranking please konami check his performace in italian calcio please romero deserve mor than 81

  • Herzuginanda

    please bring community league back..:(