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Official Site PES Survey

Have your voice heard.

Konami’s official site for PES2013 has a new survey for fans of the series to complete. Click HERE for full details and link to the survey.

A great chance for the community to collectively make their feelings known about how they want the game to progress as well as perhaps advise Konami on some of this years mis-steps.

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  • Pasadena

    They’re probably out of toilet paper.

  • Adam_Bhatti

    Really good survey actually. Lots of questions tackling the negativity faced this year, although would be nice to have more online questions.

  • NUFC Fan

    I filled it in but knowing Konami it will be ignored and its just something to look like there bothered about there fans

  • Walker

    I’ve filled it in, to give feedback as to why I didn’t buy PES. I think Konami do listen to the fans, but choose to ignore us.

  • jnc

    Waste of time.

  • Carlos González Sánchez

    There is an exclusive part in the survey for league mode, Do you think we will see a patch for PES 2013 with league mode? I hope so.

  • Adam_Bhatti

    I don’t think so :( But I guess the survey is for PES2014.

  • Automatic Snake

    I would do the survey but its gotten to the point where i feel i’m wasting my time. The stuff they did… i mean left out on PES 13 was just shocking.

    I can just say for the future next gen… 2v2, league modes and more, make a good manual football game and stop changing the gameplay with every single patch!

  • I used to love Fifa

    It’s amazing they need a survey to tell what’s wrong with the game. Oddly they do these surveys every year and every year they dont bother acting on what the public what.