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Patch 1.02 Now Available

1.02 is here for you…

Konami have today released the latest patch (ver. 1.02) for PES2013 and is available for download on PS3,Xbox 360 and PC upon booting the game. For details as to what fixes and enhancements the patch brings click HEREĀ .

Too early to say what impact on gameplay out on the field, if any, this patch has brings but keep up to date with community observations by checking out our discussion thread on the forums, which can be found HERE, or check the comments section below.

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  • Ian

    Stil some major things not sorted. Majority of goals still come from through balls and too many A.I matches still end 1-0 and disapointed that they did not add anymore camera angles. Personally a worthless patch.

  • Mu123

    will this affect the WENB option file in anyway? thanks!

  • Timur Che

    Where can I download patch 1.02 for PC?

  • Bosh Factory
  • Timur Che

    Thank you!

  • Rob

    No, a DLC with updates to edit mode will affect the OF. A patch, such as this, wont affect the OF. But now that it’s here and were guessing people will want to begin ML a bit more, we’ll have an update to the OF ready very soon.

  • Jansen007

    Im very happy with the Master League offline black boots fix, all players wear their real own boots also for your own players! Finally can start a ML!

  • rrr

    So are player stat increases now removed with the boots thing gone?

  • NUFC Fan

    gameplay just feel bugged again got no flow to it unless i am someone like Barca

  • Chad Sean Cross

    Do you have an ETA on the upcoming OF?

  • Automatic Snake

    Gameplay feels different… but pretty much like 1.01. Still no 2v2. Bad patch IMO, i wish konami went back to the better 1.00 and just give us 2v2 rooms!

  • Salem Milan

    Hi, I have PS3 and Patch 1.02 has been installed from system but there is no changing like new boots, kits, balls, player status etc. The main screen is shown (PATCH 1.02). Is that mean the data pack will release later or this is the patch? I’m really suprised because you mentioned it will be HUGE patch but nothing so far!!

  • Adam_Bhatti

    It’s a patch, nothing to do with DLC like new boots. Read the patch notes to see what it changed.

  • dr. dude

    hi guys

    i have downloaded the new patch and then tried the OF on the homepage of this website, but the OF won’t work. any ideas?

  • Adrian Castellanos

    Has the keepers’ near post positioning been fixed?

  • Murphy Hides

    So can somebody tell me if the game is any good after the patch.

  • Danny S. Correa

    About the PC Patch, some guys are saying that the gameplay is better and the AI is passing the ball around holding more the possesion, I think this is pure placebo imo. Played some matches and the game feels the exactly the same. AI stoles the ball, passes to a midfielder and then dispatch a super accurate through ball to the CF. Two or three passes to get in front of the goal it’s not pro football. Its more like a group of friends having fun playing football in a weekend. Konami are in the wrong path. They say they are trying to find the right balance for the game. Looks like they want to make a game for PES and Fifa fans. They will never please everyone!!! I say, make the game more realistic as possible! Make a football sim. The ones who dont like it, go play Fifa.