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PES 2013 – Community Concerns

PES 2013 – It is what it is.

It’s been a simple message overall from Konami. PES 2013 is a game that focuses all it’s efforts on the pitch, without blowing anyone anyway while doing it. The question is, is that enough?

After sampling the game a number of times already, and we’re only in June, we go through the pros and cons of this years upcoming game, and see if it’s enough.

Graphics and animation

Same look, same camera angles, same textures etc, it’s the same. With the focus on the gameplay, many things have been left untouched. While gameplay is the priority, many users have been left disappointed with the fact the game is exactly the same as PES 2012 in terms of visuals. Is this good enough?

Well, no, not really. But it’s a sign of where Konami are right now, and any questions asking why it hasn’t changed are met with answers talking about next year. It’s clear the engine is at its maximum, and while it’s the real reason, it only amplifies the issues Konami have faced this generation.

Saying that, added variety in conducting certain movements does quell complete disarray. More variety in passing and shooting animations, while adding an abundance of crossing animations means it looks much more smoother than last year. Add in Player ID, and it becomes visually appeasing. The problem here however is that the game continues to drop quality when in gameplay cam, so much of the magic is lost.

With promises of a change to the contrast levels, it remains to be seen if Konami can make this game look better overall before launch.


Reworked? Right now, I don’t think so. They are reworked in AI for sure, more intelligence and aggressive when dealing with crosses and loose balls. The ability to distribute the ball quickly and accurately is a nice inclusion, as well being able to move them anywhere around the box when in possession. The issue then is simply in movement, and the same feeling of them looking unnatural when making saves remain.

It’s not an issue itself, especially if Konami had remained as truthful about them as they have with other elements. Promises of improving them wholesale were ill advised, and something that is bound to attract negativity in the future.

Game Modes

Not bad at all, if I’m honest. Improvements to Master League by adding Copa Libertadores, while changing the transfer process to make it much more transparent has me excited, as well as a clear career path in Become A Legend shows it’s not just the gameplay that has seen the focus. Add in a new rankings mode to online, as well as salary caps to Master League Online, shows people just might be playing online with some satisfaction – something PES 2012 took away.

Edit mode however looks like it will be unchanged, so the same BLES issues, as well as limited sharing facilities remain. Lets hope we have something new, as it still is missing key features to appease the creative crowd.


Untouched. The same as PES 2012, and while some abilities have been renamed, they do the same thing. It’s a concern, but perhaps to be expected. My only concern here comes from certain abilities simply needing stats. For example, I’ve found that certain players, like Pepe, are better at tackling than others, but how is this achieved? With no tackling stat, I fear it will be lost in something unrelated, making it difficult to see who is better at it than others.


So is gameplay enough? Of course it is, no question. We’ve harped on about the realistic pace, the lack of scripted passes and outcomes, the wonderful shooting elements and fantastic first touch control. These elements show us that the game is doing everything right on the pitch where it matters. But as a package, as an overall product, my concerns remain right up until launch.

The single minded focus will be put up for discussion once you all get your hands on the game late July when the first demo hits. It will be compelling to see just what you make of it, as while I hope you all see the good, you are coming in with full understanding of what to expect.

With all that being said, it’s clear to everyone here at WENB that much of the focus on gameplay has been publicly vetted with promise of a new experience next year. Because of this, expect the next podcast, coming Wednesday evening, to be fully focused on PES 2014 and what it will bring. A one off, and something to keep in memory, as we won’t be discussing the future until after PES 2013 is released.

Stay tuned for a PES 2013 Q&A at the start of the week, where we answer all your questions.

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  • Dr Dude


    Reread your review of PES2011 and tell me how that isn’t an example of banging the PES drum – 9/10 you gave it. I know a lot of people, me included, appreciate the work that you do and that you give us news about PES when other sites don’t. But I don’t recall an article of this nature previously when talking about an up and coming PES game, which worries me slightly.

    Anyway, here’s to July and a demo

  • Big ernie

    PES13 is essentially the game PES12 should have been. PES12.5 should be the title.
    What worries me is that Konami over the last few years are always talking about “next years game” when the current game is either just on the shelves or like PES 13, not even out yet. That’s just bizzare and it tells me they can’t do anymore with PES on this generation of consoles.
    I just wanted keepers improved as they have been dire for years. But it looks as if I’ll be disappointed with them again.
    Other than that I’m looking forward to pes12.5, sorry, pes2013!

  • Daz sum

    Jon, pes 2010 was a good game and yeah, better graphics, why didn’t they build it around that il never know!!

  • Kitana Media

    @ Dr Dude

    That’s a review. That’s released by the time we’ve all played the game, especially that year when we had MLO beta and a demo. Therefore, while we really liked the game, as did the 6 million people who bought the game, it’s an opinion on a finished product.

    Where’s proof of banging the drum before release?

    Try again.

  • beckham7

    Ball Physics, Are they any better or still really poor like they have been since PES 2008?

  • Kitana Media

    @ beckham7

    Ball physics have changed dramatically since PES 2008, so if you think they are the same, then it’s probably best you don’t bother with our opinion and care only about your own.

  • M D P

    Changes about PES13
    Please Like if you are agree with one of these:

  • Dr Dude

    This was the first one i found on a google search

    I don’t really know wy you are getting offended guys, you’re a fansite and supposed to bang the drum about a new game! My point was I can’t remember you ever doing an article such as this 3/4 months BEFORE the release of a new PES title!