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PES 2013 Cover Art & Steelbook Revealed *Update*

Europe’s most prestigious silverware.

Okay, so it is not made of silver, but minutes ago Jon Murphy posted up an image of  himself and Naoya Hatsumi showing what appears to be a Champions League themed steelbook  pack for this years game.

*Update* Magnificent Marv from Prorevo has got his hands on some more detailed images of the steelbook edition…

Also released via the PES facebook page is the ‘standard’ box art for PS3, with the PC and Xbox 360 versions also available for viewing in our gallery.

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  • Scene Two: II. Strange Déjà Vu

    Night lighting is fine. FIFA fan also praise this. They thought it’s much better and spot on. For those who questioned it, have you ever been in real life stadia? I mean obviously during night, and the big one. 60k – 80k seaters. The floodlight usually is very powerful, everything will look bright and illuminated. Just like in PES / WE.

  • Thiago Paiva

    Why PS3 version of PES is always 720p, instead of 1080p, like in Xbox 360? Just frustrating…

  • jambosmithy

    because it’s native 720, not upscaled to 1080 like the 360.

  • Thiago Paiva

    The thing is that in Xbox 360 the game looks much more beautiful!