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PES 2013 Data Pack 6 Coming May 21st

Konami have revealed that they will be releasing Data Pack 6 for PES 2013 on Tuesday, May 21st.

Those wishing that there will be new modes etc included in the latest Data Pack will be disappointed as PES European Community Manager Adam Bhatti has stated that the Data Pack will just fix an issue with installation of the previous Data Pack.

Did you have a problem installing Data Pack 5 and are happy with the news that a fix is coming? Let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.

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  • lelly

    Its alright, no offence taken and btw its not about views, if it was i would only make vids like them as they have get the most views, i put Building the dreamteam vids up for fun, i dont wanna be seen as the guy who only makes PES vids to point out the bad things, things have been moving very slow for PES this year and this site isnt just for bitching about PES, it where the PES community meet and discuss among themselves about anything PES or football related as we are all fans of the game and sport.

    I will make a video for PES 2014 demo about whats good and bad (mostly bad) so Konami have some visual feedback (most effective proof in these cases) so they can see what i/we appreciate and what needs fixing. These vids i do because i wanna get the PES best we can get and even if i was to gain any popularity (which isnt even in my thoughts for these vids) i would only use that popularity as a way to gather as much feedback/ideas to pass onto WENB so we all get a better game, PES has bought me alot of joy and i just wanna spread the joy, again no offence taken and btw are you on the PS3?

  • Zado316

    Fifa 14 looks impressive, now its PES’ turn

  • lelly

    They do it every year, the game wont look like that but what we saw did look ok but was dissapointed with it as a whole as i was expecting more, i am expecting more than that from PES especially with the fox engine and im sure i wont be left disappointed when we see PES and if they do a little cut scene like FIFA did (which i dont like to see) im sure it will look better than that FIFA 14 trailer we just saw, especially after seeing what MGS looks like.

  • Justin Rose

    Hey Rob – Sorry to be a pain – any news on what date to expect option file 3.5? Thanks :-)

  • John Davidson

    I see where you’re coming from – in that the game would feel strange where real world class stars were also associated with completely made-up players, but this is just a matter of preference. I happen to agree that fake players shouldn’t be as prominent as real ones, but others may disagree.
    I think the important thing is to change the tangible factors like gameplay and AI.

  • lelly

    Even if AI was spot on, the idea of a fake player being picked 5X more than anyone else in a mode that is about building the best team and teams that we would love to see in real life is beyond a joke, its like they put it him in to punish people that dont want to exploit the game, why even put themselves in a stupidly unthinkable position, this should have been the absolute last thing they should have to think about when they reviewed what let MLO down this year, instead its by far the biggest problem, remove him and the MLO world is different

  • lelly

    I have to say, the longer Konami wait to dish out news the harder they are making it for themselves, atleast give us something so we know what the standards are, its been over a year that we knew of a new engine but within a week EA have come out, said ‘new engine’ then BANG, they get a look at it, even screenshots would be nice at this time, whatever you do, live up to the hype/expectation that you have created.

  • John Davidson

    LOL I agree. But again, I don’t think the solution is just removing a player. Did you play PES 2011 and 2012 online? In 2011 everyone used to spam Speed Merchants like Piatti and Elia, and in 2012 everyone used to spam Barreto (all real players).
    The solution is never to simply remove ‘problem players’ because the gaming community will just find others – that’s how exploiting works. If VDM were to go, you’d see a massive rise in purchases for some other cheap speedster.
    The solution is to rework the gameplay system so that speed isn’t so easily exploitable. Only then will this exploit gap be removed.
    And if that were to happen, you’d see almost everyone sell VDM because he wouldn’t be of any use.
    I agree with you, the problem is players like VDM have unprecendented popularity, but I think you’re a bit confused regarding the solution. Removal of a player won’t remove the exploit gap.

  • lelly

    Of course I know they need to fix the long ball exploit but by exposing it themselves even more is the most daft thing they could have done, I played all PES’ s online so I know what you are saying im not confused about the solution and I know the solution isn’t just removal of players but it helps when fake players aren’t the problem, it just shows the potential they have to shoot themselves in the foot, if they remove the exploit and make another fake player to expose another exploit would you be surprised?

  • Please Be Good!!

    Konami’s PR is the worst…Either that or they are still at the stage where the game is not showable.

  • John Davidson

    So you don’t think removal of one player is the solution? Because you said “remove him and the MLO world is different”.
    Either way, we both agree that the current gameplay system is too rewarding to players who spam speedy players and through-balls. That’s the exploit gap. The players like VDM (even Martins, Hulk, etc.) are just the tools that gamers use to take advantage of that exploit gap, and getting rid of VDM will just make people buy another speedster.
    And you make a good point – once this exploit is removed, the community will find another exploit gap in the new gameplay system. But at least it won’t be THIS exploit. And at least PES will have fixed THIS exploit gap.
    Over the years, continuously fixing exploits will result in a much better game. But again, the solution is to fix the gameplay engine, such that people *no longer want* piss-poor players like VDM – and NOT that they *don’t have the choice* to buy players like VDM.
    I want a PES where fake players (like VDM) are *unwanted* because they’re not good enough. If the gameplay system rewarded skill, mentality, positioning, timing, control, awareness, etc. then players like VDM would naturally be weeded out of the good teams, because pace wouldn’t be as prominent.
    That’s what I want to see. People consciously making the decision not to buy VDM and, instead, buy real footballers.

  • Zado316

    I disagree. The matter wud have been solved just by fixing AI and gameplay flaws n including a proper physics system and most of all improving the Sh!t defending in Pes 2013. Just go review most of the goals VDM scores from the videos on ur channel n tell me if the problem is a fake player or one of a poor game with lots of Gameplay flaws.

    Another thing that cud be done is to make VDM way more expensive because anyone who has played PES for more than 3 years knows that there are at least 6 stats that are needed/essential to create a Superstar Player, and they are;
    1)body Ballance/strength
    2)speed & acceleration in older pes games
    3)dribbling accuracy & speed
    6)Running Technique
    Altering the above stats to over 80 will create a beast, especially if u play all ur games n don’t simulate them in offline Masterleague. This is the case with VDM, he has the above stats being pretty high which made it easy to take advantage of PES 2013′s gameplay flaws, ie lack of proper collision physics, bad refs, stupid defensive AI ……………………………………..must I continue.
    Lets agree, VDM is not the problem. If it only takes six stats to make a superstar then how is VDM the problem n not the game?!?

  • disqus_64S0Bw3oRu

    how come that after a week of the patch 6.00 on xbox360 i still cant play a match online
    it always says datapack incompatible and i already downloaded it 5 times and still it says i have to download the pack
    whats wrong
    I pay for playing online on xbox and cant play online PLZ fix it