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PES 2013 DLC 4.0 Now Live

Let’s go! DLC v4.0 for PES 2013 is now live and available for PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Wii features a whole host of additions to the game including the latest transfer and the addition of all the latest boots from the big name kit suppliers.

PS3, X360 and PC players can download the update from the prompts when loading the game. For those playing on the Wii, connect your Wii to and active Internet connection and select the “Download” option from the main menu of PES 2013.

Drop some thoughts in the comments section, let us know what you think!

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  • disqus_AtnYJlOYaM

    apply this now, or wait for option file tomorrow?

  • Kezzer70

    What do we do if we have the V3.2 option file installed? Do we download the update but not apply the data? I don’t want to mess up my game.

  • nic4pes/nic4fifa

    well i didn’t look up every player but it seems there was no player attribute update again ,,, and jallet from psg still has haiir (i know … edit mode) ….

  • nic4pes/nic4fifa

    okay correcting myself (my comparing source on pc was already updated by my bro before) and realized some player up like marchisio ,jackson martinez (could have gotten more love) ,varane etc.especially verratti (take a look fifa) . still comparing fifa/pes ratings you see how pes focuses too much on the top teams … and jackson martinez is underrated in both games…my opinion. (yeah …i can edit)

  • Pes6fan

    Missing some players from bundesliga

  • Pes6fan

    And many players from nationals r duplicate

  • Automatic Snake

    Where is patch 1.04?

  • Rob

    Make sure you download this update ASAP guys, if you want to play with correct squads today, apply the new player data. If you want to play with our OF until we release our update tomorrow, DO NOT apply the new player data. New OF ASAP tomorrow!

  • Justin Rose

    Apologies I am somewhat confused. I have not downloaded or installed data pack 4 yet because I am waiting for the new Option File.

    When the new option file does become available, do I install the data pack first and then the option file second? Or the other way around? When I install the data pack do I select “apply the new player data”? or do i select “DO NOT apply new player data”?

    Could someone please clarify the instructions once the new Option File is released?
    Thanks :-)

  • Maci

    Justin, first install the Datapack and afterwards the OP.
    When installing Datapack DO NOT APPLY if u want your old OP to work until the new OP

  • Tarik Sheriff Fatman Qirem

    So will the improved player stats apply to my MLO? Lukaku could really do with a stats boost.

  • Justin Rose

    Many Thanks

  • uduakomiri

    Is the Wenb latest option file out and where do I download it?

  • Efes

    when is the new wenb PS3 option file coming out??

  • GTOnizula

    anyone knows where to get dlc 4.00 for ps3 externally?

  • GTOnizula

    just overwrite with v3.3 files and you will be sweet.