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PES 2013 Now Available on Steam!

From today, PES 2013 will be available to purchase on Steam.

Plenty of fans of Valve’s service have been waiting a long time for the game to come to its digital distribution platform and now their wish has finally come true.

For those wishing to purchase the game on Steam, a special promotional discount offer of 10% off (that ends on 26 March) is included with the price standing at £22.49.

Click here for more details.

Thanks to aganu on the forums for the heads up.

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  • ALEX

    in israel it costs even lower than steam offers. it costs 31.30 $ coz this game was awfull and many markets just reduced the price, no 1 buys this game this year. konami screwed up and israel says “no” this year.

  • lelly

    Why has it taken so long to get on steam, I bought it hard copy from zavvi, hopefully 2014 is up quickly

  • Gari Clark

    Hopefully this is a sign of things to come. Yes it did take a while for PES 2013 to come to Steam but I expect it to happen a lot quicker with PES 2014.

  • Mohamed Al Saadoon

    If PES2014 is on Steam from Day 1, it can have a HUGE advantage over FIFA14 in the PC Market. I hope Konami sees this opportunity and takes it…

  • Jim. C

    This is a good move and represents progress for the PES franchise. Long overdue but very much welcome.

  • Flaw3d

    The man in the bunnet dunnit

  • Flaw3d

    What about the Palestinians?