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PES 2013 Released In The UK!

Which means the game is released in Europe! US next week, and Asia the week after that.

Please support the game, it’s clear from the reviews this is a special game.

Also, the great news is the WENB OF, Released today (21st Sept) will work on all European versions!

So, stay tuned for the file later, it’s our best ever option file!

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  • JonRyo

    @Ricardo and Charozlau I 100 percent agree that someone should have stepped up and said something. Also I dont think that even 1 review I read mentioned the omission of league mode, which is not really fair to the fans of that mode and a big oversight to make. I hope they’re able to re-incorporate it into the game for you guys that play and love that mode. I actually don’t understand why they took it out, because what replaced it? Did they need to make more room to have memory for some parts of the gameplay or did they just decide it wasn’t needed? It’s a very strange decision.

    Although I do feel the high scores for the game were justified by the fact that the gameplay is just superb this year (basing this off playing the demos since I’m waiting for my copy to arrive). I really feel konami did a great job with that aspect of the game.

    As for Jon Murphy, yes he should answer the question of why the got rid of league mode, he most probably didn’t mention it before though as he was under instruction from konami not to talk about it possibley?

  • charozlau

    @ JonRyo I agree with you that the gameplay is much improved and very enjoyable. However, when you do get the game…just looking at the game modes you will fast realise that their isn’t alot in the game. If you don’t play online or ML, there isn’t much else to play. Maybe the inclusion of the brazilian league replaced league mode?? Well if that’s the case then they should have only incorporated the brazilian league for the south american market…doesn’t that make sense? Europeans want to play their own leagues…i don’t know any europeans that want to play brazilian leagues….we don’t know the teams or players like we know our own. That would be like bringing out Madden NFL with a european league and no american league. People in america would be like ”WTF?”. To tell you the truth…i’m getting bored now talking about Konami’s major fuck up!. I guess i’ll just have to play online and CL and enjoy it. When are you getting your copy? When you do, let me know what you think of it after a day or so of playing.

    @RedSkull Bring on the magpies tonight! Looking forward to seeing the fringe players. Vida is bollocked again! Shouldn’t SAF have bought a centre half over the summer? Ferdinand is on his last legs and i’m still not sure about Phil Jones or Smalling, plus they’re all banged up as well at the moment. Aah well, the coca-cola cup, or the milk cup, or the fuckin pampers cup…whatever it’s called these days, isn’t really important now is it?

  • charozlau

    @ Ricardo Medina I gave up on ML years ago when it first came out. I just can’t play that….each to his own i guess!

  • Nizam

    Bought the game last weekend and have so far just managed to play two exhibition matches so can’t comment too much on the gameplay just yet but what I can say though is that it feels different from the demo.

    Just different…

    People won’t like me for repeating my complaints again but I think it’s disgusting that KONAMI took out the league modes but did not have the bottle to disclose it before the game was released! Do they take us buyers to be mugs?!

    And as someone has already mentioned, how can not a single review not pick the league mode ommission? Was there some kind of an embargo? Surely, embargo is the wrong word to use more like cheating your customers. Were all the reviewers bought off by KONAMI? Strong words I know but in the past these same reviewers gave the PES series harsh reviews and yet this time round no one had it in them to say that the league modes have been taken out? There’s no mention about bootgate in any of the reviews either? Do the reviewers actually play the game? Did they not have the final code/retail version of the game to review? Did they not see which modes had been taken out?!

    KONAMI went on a marketing blaze before the game’s release, and as soon as it was released they’ve gone back in their shells and won’t be heard!

  • Pedro Henrique

    Do you guys will release an Option File for the American/South American versions of the game?

  • charozlau

    @ Nizam

    I’ve said it all before and i’m totally with you. After waiting a whole year… after that crap 2012 game, they do this to us. I guess we’re the mugs…they keep giving us shit and we keep paying for it. It’s been over a week now and we haven’t had any explaination. Remeber two weeks ago when we all thought ” Pes is going to blow Fifa out of the water this year!” ?? How many still feel the same?

  • RedSkull

    Hey @Ricardo, JonRyo, Charozlau & Nizam

    Just finished watching the united match ( which i hoped you all watched!!!) do you see the difference when Ando and Cleverly play!!!

    OK it was also a weakened Newcastle side but they still had a number of first steam/fringe players!!!!

    I thought Ando was excellent also cleverly, buttner and Rooney looking good ( not there yet though) when they both play the teams seems to have so much more energy and like what Jon or Char said Power in Mid!!!

    That’s what i’m saying Ricardo!!! i do agree with you but just that they got much more to give than Carrick and Giggs when they play in mid!!!

    Also i agree with all your comments actually!!!

    There’s going to be a number of us thats not satisfied with what Konami done and its because the great word communication, How, Why’s and When!!!! if Konami told the fans before launch at gamescom instead of watching i dunno that crap live stream show then people would be upset but not so aggrieved!!!

    But some of the fans words to Jon on twitter are bang out of order!!!! and it doesn’t help the fans like us who wants questions answered in a polite manor but for some people to cross the line and spoils it for the majority!!

    Trust me I’m very upset about ML and LM also the transfer update being mid Oct!!! Jon already stated on twitter that he’s spoken about the fans sadness at not having LM in PES2013 so I’m going to patiently wait and hope somethings done as i feel this is too big for Konami to just brush under the carpet!!!!

  • charozlau

    @ RedSkull Enjoyed watching the young players tonight. Anderson, Cleverly, Wooton, Keane and Welbeck….i think Welbecks class! Reminds me of Asprilla years ago….lanky and awkward…always looks like he’s going to lose the ball but somehow manages to hold on to it.

    I’m waiting too….just not patiently!!

  • charozlau

    Here you go lads….let them know what you think.


  • Ricardo Medina

    Guys lets see whats coming next!!

    I played online today for the first time, and its anoying. Everybody plays with Barcelona, doing Zig Zags with Messi, even idiots that have “somethingCR7″ as their online ID.

    About United, theres no doubt that there is a massive number of youngs with talent, but when you have all that talent we need experience, thats what Ferguson has been doing with United for the last 30 years :). Welbeck is a hell of a player, and honestly, in a way, i feel sorry with RVP’s arriving at Old Trafford, because Welbeck will get less minutes. Good to have Rooney back too :)

  • jett

    Keep your eyes open, as I will be putting together a first impressions demo in the next few days. Gutted they took out season mode. Silly decision.

  • JonRyo

    @ Redskull and Charozlau I didn’t watch the match but sadly (for me) newcastle lost. I really don’t think man utds midfield players are world class, I’ve never rated carrick that highly I believe he’s a good player just not good enough though. Scholes is by far the best CM you have and he is about to retire again soon I expect. Cleverly has TONS of potential I think if he can fulfill it he will be a top player for united and England. Anderson I’m still on the fence about whether or not he can cut it at the top level, maybe he just needs to be given a real chance. Phil jones I feel will be a world class player if he can keep from being injury prone. I really rate welbeck as well, your comparison to asprilla is spot on char! That guy was so awkward but so good!

    Also I should have the game probs tomorrow (fri) or sat (fingers crossed) I’ll let you know what I think about it after a day or so of playing it. I mostly like to play MLO though. Been watching some youtube vids and there still seems to be the pulling out the ethernet quit bug :(

    @Ricardo I hate when everyone is always barca online! You always end up with finals as barca vs barca lol

    @Jett looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the game dude!

  • charozlau

    Ok…just thought i’d start playing a cup since the league mode has be scrapped. Thought i’d pick 32 teams for the competition and play one team from each game and see who i’d win the cup with….guess what? You can’t change a team to com control!!! So you can only play using one team or you need four arms!!!! This phukin game sucks! The game play is better than a few of the instalments, but the game itself has nooooo options whatsoever!!!.

    @ JonRyo Well you say you only play ML…well i hope it doesn’t disappoint….my fingers are crossed for you. I’ve only ever bought one version of Fifa…last year while i was waiting for Pes to come out. I brought it back and traded it in when i bought Pes 2012. Now i’m thinking of trading Pes for Fifa….how sad….never ever thought i’d be thinking of this……………………….

  • Pes4Life

    It is the worst but best pes since pes 6. Im still baffled at the reviewsthe game got.

  • Bernhard

    Dear Konami, this mail comes from a large group of PES players which know the game inside out. Our gamergroup noticed that DEMO 1 is much better than the final version of PES 2013. You absolutely nailed so many things with the very 1st Demo version. In the final version, the game is much slower and players move to soft so that it gets boring (please add another +3 speed option for making it a fast action-packed game again for players with fast reactions and gameplay). Also make instant response to controller actions again, so that the user can connect directly and fast to their actions. We have the feeling that you move the controller and the player on the field does his own thing. We like super fast reaction games. PES 2009 is a nice example of this. In the final version, shooting is a lot weaker and feels soft (in PES 2009 i.e. shooting was feeling instant, heavy and punchy).

    With the final version we feel NOT the thrill like with DEMO 1, which offers much more of the classic PES feeling. We have played over 100+ matches in pes 2013 DEMO v.1 and it was never boring: It was a thrilling, unpredictable, exciting soccer, with varying tempo, slow downs and explosions in pace. It was REALLY SWEET. Demo 1 is the right direction!

    The final version feels screwed: Many thanks and we hope for a better updated 2013 with DEMO 1 feeling.

    Best regards,
    Bernhard + PES Gaming Group London