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PES 2013 US Option File!

A base OF for the US version of PES 2013 has been released, click here to get it!

Huge thanks to Robbyearon for all his hard work!

(Note, site is in Spanish, you will need to translate into English through google.)

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  • Andricez

    If anyone is interested in the OF @BIGENY shared this link http://www.pesgaming.com/showthread.php?t=91038
    Its Mrgametight & Robbyearon OF for US. Dont know if its the same one as the link above but try it anywayz its great. 1n

  • Matthew

    Robbyearon is the man!

  • Ali

    Does it work for the XBOX 360?

  • elvir

    waooo working good patch is very good only ivica olic not corect but its good thank you for hard work

  • Derek

    Does this work for Xbox as well, or do I have to wait for that one to come out? Thanks

  • brian

    I have a BLUS31029 version of PES 2013, but when I copied the files and run the game, it says that the edit file is in different version.. Anybody know what could be the problem?

  • PESfan2013

    I recently downloaded this and copied all the files (except the system data file) to my PS3 but my PES is still the same. I have the data pack before 2.0. Any help in getting it patched?

  • Mike

    I just want to know if it possible that there will be the new version of US option file for data pack V2.