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PES 2013 Wii Gameplay Video

So, the Wii version of PES 2013 is out, and we haven’t done much to celebrate it’s launch. Neither have Konami. And to be fair, we still haven’t done much even with this post. Luckily for us though, German site Ntower have put up a lengthy video.

YouTube Preview Image

Hopefully it gives you some insight. We’ll get around to doing an impression post for what it’s worth, although we shouldn’t be expecting anything dramatic with these versions. Let us know if you…well…care!


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  • Justin Rose

    Dear Alan Curdie, Asim tanvir, Adam Bhatti and Winning Eleven Blog – I have sent you gentleman a very important e-mail. I hope that you will have time to read it and reply becuase I am very serious about working for Konami and helping to maximise future of the PES series.

  • Adam_Bhatti

    Tim, stop using caps please. And like I said, lets wait until we see PES 2014 before we give up or not.

  • I used to love Fifa

    You would give up golf just to help Konami out? Thats very nice of you.