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PES 2013 Wii, PS2 & PSP Dates Announced

If you’re still last gen, Konami have announced the dates of PES 2013 on Wii, PS2 and PSP on their official site. We’re talking October 25th for Sony’s consoles, with the Wii version coming November 15th.

Full story here.

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  • Dinho10

    PSVITA version??

  • Adam_Bhatti

    No Vita version planned.

  • 00bauer

    got a question and wondered if anyone can help me. How do I go about setting up an online game (ps3) against one of my friends? Surely it can’t be this diffcult?! Is there not an option which let’s you add a user/invite a user to a game ala C.O.D. rather than going thru endless online screens and enterring different gaming worlds?

  • lelly

    theres an update to do with online stuff coming tomorrow i thinl, something to do with widgets that make playing against your friends easy to do, ive not tried playing against my mates online yet because im hooked on MLO, gonna upload a awesome match soon, its the reason we all love PES.

  • 00bauer

    cheers Lelly, fingers crossed it works as we tried for 15 mins the other night and neither of us could figure out, in the end I just drove to his house!

  • lelly

    lol, they did say it will be easier to connect with friends, im thinking of making a community in PES 2013 when the update lands, if anyone is interested then let me know.

  • Vita want pes 2013

    Why no ps vita version !
    Konami must think again aboute vita …