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“PES 2013 Will Be Very Different” – Seabass

New interview with Seabass reveals bright future for PES.

Clube Do PES has linked up a very interesting article held by UOL Jogos, where PES producer Seabass answers questions about FIFA, licenses and the future. As we detailed back in April, PES 2012 wasn’t going to be a revolution, more a continuation from PES 2011. Next year seems like a different proposition already.

Read the full interview here. Below we have the article translated (loosely) using Google.


“Pro Evolution Soccer 2012″ went on sale a few weeks ago and, as it happens in real football, divided opinions: some found the game great and innovative, while others, frustrated with the lack of news, were to “FIFA 12″.

It seems contradictory, no? But it is this balance – between maintaining the essence of the franchise and implement innovations – Shingo ‘Seabass’ Takatsuka, producer of Konami’s football series, which must constantly deal.

In an interview with UOL Games, Seabass spiked with confidence that in his opinion, “PES 2012″ is better than “FIFA 12″, but assumed that there is still much room for improvement, as the licensing of teams and clubs. But for the next version of the Nipponese promised (see, promised) a totally different game today.

UOL Jogos: How do you see now the duel between “Pro Evolution Soccer” and “FIFA”
Shingo ‘Seabass‘ Takatsuka: For me, “Pro Evolution Soccer” is a little ahead of “FIFA”. It is therefore important to continue implementing new and different things. To be honest, we left that aside and we are very sorry.

UOL Jogos: For Brazilians, it makes a lot remains to be seen more licensed national teams and tournaments. What can we expect for the future?
Seabass: It must be admitted that EA Sports has done a much better job than ours in relation to licenses. We know we need to get more licenses, we have the Copa Libertadores, but we can not be satisfied and we will continue looking for more.

UOL Jogos: What about Handhelds? We can expect versions of “Pro Evolution Soccer” developed specifically for the 3DS or Vita?
Seabass: I must admit that in recent years focused most of our efforts in the game on consoles, but in the future we would like to create something specific to the Vita and 3DS, taking advantage of the peculiarities of each one. Handhelds have never been our forte, but we want to change that.

UOL Jogos: Have you played “FIFA 12? What do you think?
Seabass: I played “FIFA 12″ on GamesCom [event held in August in Germany] and the game seemed very explores certain aspects of modern football as the positioning. It was something we tried to do, but we decided to implement the concepts of positioning Artificial Intelligence causes many problems for the player. That’s why we decided not to implement something similar and follow a different path.

UOL Jogos: Why the choice of Neymar for the cover of “Pro Evolution Soccer 2012″?
Seabass: Well, actually my boss likes the Neymar, so it was easy to put it on the cover of the game [laughs]. But above all, we wanted to make clear how much we are interested in the Latin America, so the choice of Neymar on the cover.

UOL Jogos: “Pro Evolution Soccer 2012″ in its opinion, has the potential to lure back old fans of the series who migrated to “FIFA?
Seabass: Yes, I think “Pro Evolution Soccer 2012″ has the strength for it, the improvements in artificial intelligence, the balance of teams and players and the ability to control a second player. I think we can put a clear distance between our game and EA Sports.

UOL Jogos: You’re already thinking about the “Pro Evolution Soccer 2013″? May gain something?
Seabass: We are very happy with “Pro Evolution Soccer 2012″, which in many respects is connected to the previous version. As for the next version, I’ll make a promise here and now: “Pro Evolution Soccer 2013″ will be very different, more news.

UOL Jogos: What would you like to see the next generation of consoles and how to leverage it in “Pro Evolution Soccer”?
Seabass: We are very dependent on the joystick. In this context I would like to see something that lets you perform more tricks and commands a higher sensitivity. In a way, the PS2 was for us a great console but the PS3 was not so good. It was not the fault of the game, but because at first we could not explore right away the potential of the PS3. In the last year and now, finally, we could actually take advantage of the hardware. So the next game would also like to enjoy it right away.

UOL Jogos: If you could choose a different genre of game in which to work, what would it be?
Seabass: I’m a hardcore gamer, these same fans. So if I were given the opportunity to create something different I would do an FPS.

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  • WTF

    “He does realise in Europe FIFA has blown PES out the water for 4 or 5 years…”

    As if you didnt know he aint talking about sales . Fifa always outsold pes , even at the peak of pes’ popularity .

    And even when fifa’s only good quality used to be the licenses .

    I dont see what’s wrong with him feeling pes plays better . It’s an opinion still shared by millions of players .
    If you dont think so , wich do you even bother with pes then ? might as well play fifa only , or drop football games

  • Gargan Milosevic

    Honestly, while the AI has made big strides, the only realy change I want to see Konami make is a move back towards simulation. For me, that’s the peak for any football game, and the approach that would bring the most enjoyment with it. People talk about arcade-stylings being more thrilling, but if you ask me, match of the day can be pretty special viewing sometimes. I do think they’ve moved ever towards faster-moving, less considered representations, and though I still like the handling and feel of PES better than FIFA, FIFA genuinely does some things a lot better and that’s a bit of a shame. A shame not because I’m a fanboy and would never just change my game, but because I still don’t get something from FIFA either. I’ve always preferred buying Konami to EA, as well, so I really want them to be the ones making the best football game on the planet. Keep a lot of the good work done this year, but seriously – get a NEW engine, and I do mean new. Not reworked. New animations, new presentation, new sound, new commentary, and try to make it as close to the real game as possible.I’ve no doubt Konami COULD do that, but I’m afraid I doubt they will after so many consecutive years of vague disappointment. It’s still the more enjoyable game, so I’ll be buying it again – at least this year something real has changed properly – but it won’t carry on for good that way without these changes.

  • Dodo_master_League

    Saying ‘PES 2013 will be different’ will not be remarkable at all if the graphic& physics engine in next year version is still the same terrible ones in the last 5 versions.As a PES fan myself I’m really confidence that PES 2013 will have such robotic animatios again which makes new PES as an outdated game again in NG gaming consoles.

  • galloitaliano

    Just replace the Physics Engine!!! It would make PES alot better…

  • Gargan Milosevic

    They do a good job with graphics given the engine (faces etc are still way better than Fifa), but the crowds and so on lag behind, and please, please get rid of that ‘rhubarb’ crap etc! The stadia aren’t bad, but they do need more atmosphere somehow or maybe just more screentime! And the flack the physics system Fifa is getting from some quarters is a joke. Granted, it sometimes throws up some funny stuff, but overall I have to say it does a pretty convincing and worthy job.

  • Manu

    You must be shxitting me !!! Extra cash in MLO for linking an account with myPES !!!

  • Pradeep

    Please remove John Champion..!!

  • PESFan79

    I don’t get you people that call PES an “arcade” game. Do you even know what arcade mean? PES 2012 is far from being an arcade game. What I see FIFA doing better than PES are animations, commentary and the use of the cameras! But then, FIFA is bearable for 3-4 months and after that goes to the shelf. I play PES and continue doing so almost until the next iteration comes along!

    An arcade game had 2, 3, 6 buttons max. No depth, but sheer compact fun. In PES, you need to develop yourself as a player, develop your skills, have a sense of progression and IT’S FUN! Is that what you mean by arcade? FUN?

    Wake up people, stop hating, get playin’!

  • kay

    Nice job on the post. Thanks. Question , will next pes 2012 be on the ps4?

  • Viados de merda

    Seabass is an asshole. Period!

  • Spike Chapman

    The engine just feels dated as hell to me. They’ve worked wonders with it considering it is so dated but with FIFA 12 getting the Impact Engine PES feels like a car which is better in almost every way until you open up the hood and find that the engine is on it’s last legs.

    I don’t want people to think I’m saying PES is a bad game, it’s certainly not, but I do feel it is held back a lot by it’s dated tech. I suppose it’s that age old argument that if Konami had the resources and tech that EA do then they’d have a better game.

  • cr7

    love the stats the gave welbeck and chicharito[not] obviously they dont know much about football

    also the keepers might aswell be in the stands for all the good they do
    another messed up pes congratulations seabass

    just give up now,cause it seems your digging your own [pes] grave

    also i see park ji sung looks lifelike how strange then look at utds second keeper kuschack he has black hair in real life hes blond ffs its a joke the game really

    i find it hard to comprehend the amount of money i wasted on false promises,well 2012 has stopped that so for that i thank you

    but maybe take a break or retire might be better

  • Carlos

    this guy is a LOOOOOOLSER pes is a joke

  • zangoora

    pes 2012 is just good. but it feels like arcade not sim so if you want to create simulation game please change the engine.

  • aggaz08

    Here we go again and when it comes out next year there will be a list of problems as long as the A1. Im sure he said that about PES 2012 and theres loads of problems with that game get a grip seabass

  • aggaz08

    Wheres the bigger and better atmospheres in big games we were promised last year seabass supporters are excactly the same wish I worked for PES would be the best football game ever. And i bet we dont get all these DLC niether we were promised probably two in the whole year

  • zangaro

    the ball physics in pes 2012 is disgusting. it seems players kicks at lots of weight.

  • zangoora

    the ball movement in pes 2012 is disgusting. it seems players kicks at lot of weight when they pass the ball.l hope pes team will change this with next patch.

  • Tolga Cecen

    PES 2012 is ridiculous. Messi and Barcelona are untouchable. If you win the ball from a Barca player, it is punished with a fault. Thousands of faults kills the joy away. THE PROBLEM OF THE GAME FOR YEARS NOW: IT DOES NOT REWARD CREATIVE GAME PLAYING!!!! IT REWARDS STUCK-UP DEFENCE PLAYING!!! You dribble with Messi or Ronaldo, go down till the out line, then cross or pass, GOAL!!! And the poor guy who is trying to have fun and joy from the game by being creative hits the super defence wall, and gives up finally…Shots from close distance are always misses. Super heros of Barca wins almost all the one-to-ones blah blah…I am gonna try FIFA 12 after years now but I feel like I am gonna betray an old friend.
    What was the PES team thinking when designing this new version? What a shame…