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PES 2014 Heart Tutorial Video

Konami have released a new tutorial video for their upcoming football title, PES 2014.

The latest tutorial video focuses on the Heart feature and how motivation is a key element in PES 2014 and plays a decisive role in the game.

Enjoy the video and let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.

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  • Guest

    This is my best PES trailer ever. PES 4 TRAILER

  • Mr PES-Tacular

    I agree, I’ve played PES since PES 4, I know the game inside out and I can see the differences to its predecessors. KONAMI have improved the gameplay, graphics and presentation soo much. Im sick of guys who don’t play the game hating on KONAMI because if they do play the game they would appreciate the massive changes.

  • Pastor_Zakilowski

    There is no editor who said it was a bad game – people watched the video and were horrified by what they say. Simple as that.

    Releasing videos that shows all kinds of bugs and sloppy animation is bloody counter-productive if you want to build hype.

    It’s true no one should pass judgment until they can try the actual demo, but like I said…these videos mess with people’s expectations.

  • henrik nordberg

    Hey guys!!! Chelsea out PES United USA, they have posted some videos on their site. they actually looks petty good, MUCH better than the “heart” video for example ;)

  • henrik nordberg

    Oh god, I meant check* …..

  • Nizam
  • Nizam

    Justin, but why would KONAMI score an own goal by showing vids from the old code. Would they not be better off to show snippets from the new code to prove that improvements have been made from the early code?

  • Justin

    Konami have been making a bit of meal of things when it comes to the marketing and PR side. My strongest gut instinct feeling is that right now and up to release, they will be focusing on tweaking game play, tweaking game play, and tweaking game play.

    Therefore for them to release tutorial videos is a kind of side track from their main focus. They probably thought, lets just wack these tutorials out there to at least show how the new controls and functions work and now lets crack on with tweaking game play.

    These latest videos from FESTIGAMES show a significant improvement over both the game play seen at E3 and from these admittedly shoddy tutorials.

    I am happy to have at least seen the new tutorials so that I can learn some of the games new controls and functions. Hope that all makes sense? Otherwise, I hope you are keeping well my friend :-)

  • Rob

    It will affected by heart, it will be affected by stats, it will be affected by the user in control, it will be affected by the position, size and leap of your wall, it will be affected by the position (which you can now move) and ability of your goal keeper. And remember, if others can use it against you, you can use it against them! Rough with the smooth guys, rough with the smooth.

  • Walker

    I wouldn’t mind so much, but the tech is there to make an amazing game. The games industry frustrates me, the tech in the past had poor graphics and and little power yet there was a lot more variation in games. Today the tech is really powerful yet all the games are much the same and the indie market just doesn’t have the resources.

  • Walker

    Yes it is. If your not happy with a product, why keep buying it?