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PES 2014 New Engine Update Coming Soon?

It seems that we may not be far off from an update about the new Fox Engine for PES 2014.

PES Team Leader Mr Jon Murphy is currently with the winners of the competition in which they would win a training session with cover star Cristiano Roanldo. However, in a tweet this morning he posted the following:

Could it mean that we are not that far away from an update about how the exciting new engine for PES 2014 is playing out?

For those interested in how the winners are getting on with Ronaldo, make sure you follow the OfficialPES and Jon Murphy twitter accounts for exclusive photos throughout the day!

Let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.

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  • Syncan

    Not so sure…
    Murphy might be in Japan to check the new engine, but that doesn’t mean he will bring an update for us. I bet he will be ordered to keep things secret.

  • Ricardo MG Medina

    The engine has been the same for the last years, but finally they did something good regarding gameplay.
    Im talking about the lack of ideas on game modes and new game modes on and offline! Compare the ML in 2013 to 2006 and you’ll realise that improvements are’nt great.
    Match comments, Gameplay, Game Modes, Presentation, Online Experience, Players Stats…
    Lets see if the new engine will change any if that

  • prabi corvo

    i am confident that presentation will see a hefty transformation into something great . because of the fox engine showings so far.

    Ideas on game modes and gameplay , ect . only time will tell.

  • Sman
    I feel this way about PES too!

    Konami, the gameplay elements are more worrying than the graphics engine. When bringing in the Fox engine, please, please don’t forget the gameplay elements that many PES gamers have pointed out! Through Balls, Silly Defenders, Pre-defined line when defenders and attackers run for a through ball, Helium Filled Ball when shooting (no dipping when you actually shoot), No Reward for build-up play when a spammed throughball catches your defence line.

    Konami, please solve the game play elements!