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PES 2014 Patch 1.01 Now Available

The game hasn’t even launched yet, but Konami are showing they mean business by getting the patch ready early!

The patch primarily adds the online game modes as well as some new balls and 3rd kits The most welcome news will be that the patch addresses various gameplay issues based on the feedback from the demo. Shooting and responsiveness have been improved and we are sure that with extended play the community will identify more tweaks.

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Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Does it feel different?

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  • Tiber Septim

    enter the secret code from the book on the case

  • Tiber Septim

    that depends on ball and player position dude

  • Tiber Septim

    its not shoothing has not been improved, its your excuses for not able to shoot properly. i know im right…thats not just your excuses, many people say the same when they cant master it.

  • Tiber Septim

    no its not the patch, its the matter of how long you hold the button to shoot and player position to shoot the ball. please do research with training before complaining.

  • disqus_gKtxQnlDsR

    It’s not an excuse. Last year when balls rolled up to the players feet you could just tap shoot button and the animation kicks in. In PES 2014 the players needed some extra steps to shoot and not very fluid. Well, hopefully they’ll fix everything from the upcoming patches. But as of now, I’ll stop playing until they sort out the transfers and hopefully the faces too.

  • hbaeckstrom

    Ok, hopefully you are right. But it just feels that they’ve made it too hard then? Is there a whole science behind the act of shooting in PES 2014 :)

  • Luqmaan Patel

    Mr Guest,just so you know im a big pes fan an i always have been an i want it to beat fifa this year,im tired of fifa taking first prize this last 3 ,4 years . We need to be back on top where we belong an no the shooting needs to be addressed an keepers a i an players a i can be dodgy,i want this pes to be complete this time……………………….the game feels incomplete,once again i having playing pes since forever ,i only have pes best interest at heart an i have to address the reality

  • Luqmaan Patel

    an regarding long range shots i have scored many but still it needs more tweaking ,period, dont delude yourself

  • Luqmaan Patel

    i think im not explaining myself properly,i agree with that Tiber ,damn how do i explain this,lets just say the shooting needs some tweaking

  • Luqmaan Patel

    an just to set things straight i can shoot from far especially with a very good player eg ronaldo,benzema i know all abt that but the shooting needs some tweaking eg lack power,response time

  • Rajon Rondo

    Goalkeepers need some work done. Always concede near post. And its very annoying how the shot always ricochet off the keepers hands into the goal.

    Goalkeepers NEED refining.

  • galclin

    its true always lagging, late and slow…. and players out of control so you’re a moron in my opinion… Zime is purely honest and i think the same way every word he said…. what do you think you are heh, bossy ass that’s what i think you are mate…go get some sleep bluffie ;)

  • galclin

    if we can just play pes 2013 1 vs 1 you will get heavy migrane for the rest of your life KID !! :p ….. truly but i’m (just bluffing as you are) sorry for you Tiber Septim

  • Tiber Septim

    really? i still play pes 2013 and it feel same to me like i never play pes 2014.
    i wont rape barca with kashiwa reysol in both offline and online mode if the players are out control. so what is the problem? its you for being weak. so what if im bossy when im really good at any pes? its ur fault for being weak.

  • Tiber Septim

    lol you feel the same way for every word he said? so you dont even know how to turn off target point? lmaooo. you better learn things before complain about them.
    more stadium? u never use patches? or r u a kid who dont understand how to install the patches? lol
    now tell me why pes 2013 more realistic on shooting, players can shoot with such power when defender hold into them? so thats called realistic lol

  • Tiber Septim

    since pes 2008 til 2014, its kinda lagging and slow on ps3, never on pc. u r too exaggerating if u put ‘always’. well i dont always lagging and slow. so? ur argument is invalid

  • Nahid Chowdhury

    Tiber Septim is clearly an idiot being paid by Konami. Stop undermining people and thinking your the best PES player. People are rightly entitled to complain, PES has serious gameplay flaws this year. Calling people a child when you use ‘
    lmaooo’ to reply to peoples arguments. I only created a profile to tell you to stfu and go sleep with your PES disc.