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Gamescom 2013: PES 2014 Video Shows Off Player Faces

The WENB team over at Gamescom have recorded us a lovely new video for the upcoming football title, PES 2014.

The video shows off the player faces from Manchester United and Bayern Munich. 

Enjoy the video and let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.

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  • Dubzy Dubstep

    Perfect player faces don’t make a perfect footy sim :))

  • thejoker007

    what the hell ?? is this @ 0:08 supposed to be rafael ??
    Come on konami!

  • JackFrost

    omgosh! rafael has dreadlocks LMAO! konami why do you do this to yourselves pes 2013 was spot on when it came to the of majority player faces whats happened? is rooney bald again?? i didn’t no we was player fifa 08 all over again. graphics of course are not 100% complete so i will not judge on this video

  • Marcus

    the faces are SHlT


    Looks okay not the best video, only players that looked iffy where Rafeal and Rooney

  • Guest


  • David Doherty

    Oh my god them faces look TERRIBLE!

  • blackdrrragon

    I think Konami has confirmed the new Bayern away kit by accident ^^

  • Omar

    Take it easy :D Pesedit will fix it ! :D

  • JackFrost

    van persie looks amazing! seeing as konami have man utd as there chosen english team all the players should look exactly correct right?

  • Isaiah

    PES 2008 all over again.

  • Nemisiskidd

    Some faces are terrible imo but come on do you guys really believe Konami would give us the game like that, bearing in mind this code version is 75% meaning Konami are re working and implementing new faces for the 100% final code.

  • kenneth

    is this pes14?
    it looks like ps2 pes2010??

  • Prince-Vejita

    Herr are some Other faces