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E3 2013 – PES 2014 Content Round-Up! (Regular Updates)

With E3 well under way, the PES team have finally joined the party and shown us the beauty that is PES 2014. You won’t be disappointed!

Written Impressions

IGN – PES 2014 Back In The Game

Playstationer – PES 2014 Hands-on Impressions


Official Trailer

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Gameplay Videos

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Shakycam Videos

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 Images Gallery


Trailer Images Gallery

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  • 6JoffreyBaratheon9

    go fuckyourself stupid troll

  • 6JoffreyBaratheon9


  • 6JoffreyBaratheon9


  • Victor

    I want a game modelled as closely as posible to reality, because I want to play something that resembles real football. In real life, humans have delay times from when they want to do something to when they actually can get a foot or leg to actually do it. Humans also need to make sure they put their feet into the ground in the right places to make sure they don’t fall over.

    All this is in the new PES videos. I am happy. FIFA to me has always felt too responsive and quick. It depends on what you compare it to. I don’t hold the PES5/6 games to a gold standard anymore. Real football is the only measuring stick.

    Personally I don’t understand anyone (not necessarily you but others) who say they love football, and then moan when players actually move like real players. I want football, not video game football, if that makes sense.

  • JMJ Beats

    Visuals and animations look fantastic. After watching gameplay videos several times i must say they have to work on ball physics especially the long balls look like fifa. Player models look also weird, maybe arms are too long im not sure. Glad they changed the penalty system,it should be played as a seperate mode as well. Finally we have a complete different game thanks to fox.

  • ahmed a.

    Well, the point is if you want a real football, go out and play real football. Video game football would never ever be like the real thing because you can’t have fun from playing a 90 minutes of simulation. Did you ever thought why don’t we play a real 90 minutes game in PES or FIFA or any other football game? Because it is unpractical and boring. Instead I can go out and play with my friends a real match. You wouldn’t be able to play full tournaments because that would need too much time that no one can afford. I think you see my point now. However, that doesn’t mean I disagree with all what you said. But to me PES 5 & PES 3 gave the best “fun” football video game to this day. Because they both captured the best feel and middle ground among real football, football simulation and video gaming.
    Sorry for the long replay ;)

  • Naz

    Graphics have always been a plus point on pro its abt the gameplay lets see how it plays if there is any realism to the game, not like pro 13 keeping doing thru ball from defence onto the striker then straight onto goal

  • Michael Ng

    uhhh..i’m not feeling this game at all..people can buy this game but i certainly will not