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PES 2016 Data Pack 2 Coming December 3rd

You won’t have to wait long for the second data pack as Konami have revealed that Data Pack 2 will be released for PES 2016 on December 3rd.

The new data pack will include the remaining transfers which were left out of the first data pack, as well as new content including 8 new pairs of boots, two match balls, player faces and the Maracanã Stadium. It adds 51 new likenesses to the player rosters, including Fernando Torres, Kevin de Bruyne, Julian Draxler, Jamie Vardy and Aleksander Mitrovic. Further players will be added in the coming updates. The new boots include the latest designs from Joma, Mizuno, and Puma. The new Nike Ordem CSF and Ordem2 balls designs have also be perfectly replicated for use within the game. Other improvements include new entrance sequences for Copa Libertadores and Sudamericana matches.

A new title update will also be available on the same day which include a new myClub lobby which allows you to play against your friends. myClub will also be receiving legends into the popular mode, with this screenshot being picked out by our WENB brothers in Spain.

myClub Legends

What legends would you like to see make their way onto myClub? Are you looking forward to the next Data Pack? Take a look at the trailer for Data Pack 2 and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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13 thoughts on “PES 2016 Data Pack 2 Coming December 3rd
  1. Adding Brazilian stadiums, which by the way will be the 6th one, does nothing for people who only play with European teams, which by the way there’s only 5 licensed stadiums in all of Europe. Me personally I would rather they added some more generic stadiums. As for everything else, yes! I can start my ML.

  2. What about those who play with south american teams? I’m glad we get another brazilian stadium makes ML better for me

  3. Nothing against it. It’s good for you guys but since we can’t use any of those stadiums in a European ML, it serves us no purpose. Just wish they could add more stadiums to both regions.

  4. Justin I think because thay are so late with the transfer roster,that game play fixes are going to come at a later date.I just hope that thay won’t be to long.

  5. I think there are gameplay enhancements, that trailer is done in engine and u can see some improvements like:
    – improved physics and weightier players
    – smoother animations with better animation stitching
    – reduced sliding/ skating when running
    -improved body positioning when taking shots, no more skating into shots. Watch how detailed the animation for Ronaldo taking the shot is, he takes a few mini steps to adjust his body for a perfect shot as the ball rolls forward. In older videos players just skate into shots
    – improved & more realistic ball physics. Watch how realistic the flight path of the ball is after Ronaldo shoots. It’s more satisfying and immersive than anything we have now.

    This is just my opinion based on the trailer, I hope I’m right.cause I’d love to play with such improvements

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