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PES 2016 Edit Mode and Selected Premier League Kits

If you’ve got a PS4, then you’re in for a treat when it comes to the quality of the Edit Mode in PES 2016. Here are two video examples of exactly how good it is.

The first video features a quick look at the mode, plus a look at Arsenal and Liverpool gameplay showing off their kits. These kits were provided by Glen at PES World. His work is truly amazing!

Next up is a similar video, but focusing on Chelsea and Manchester City. Again, all the kits were done by Glen from PES World. Please visit his site on launch day, he’ll have lots of kits and the instructions on how to do everything!

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image
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8 thoughts on “PES 2016 Edit Mode and Selected Premier League Kits
  1. nope, PS3 version is even worse than the PS4 version ! PS3 is the old way that takes 1000 years to do, but not sure if there are even less kit slots on PS3 too. Theres nowhere near enough kit slots on PS4 so i imagine PS3 will be at least AS bad.

  2. Really? That is very disheartening. I do want PES for the better gameplay but I’m having troubling getting over the licensing issues. At the same time…I don’t want to support EA for using cheap tactics to beat the competition in sales.

  3. stadiums are shite still got the old shitty balls limited amount of slots to edit kits never moves on this game

  4. Actually, you are probably better off on the PS3. Full OptionFile sharing worked fine on the PS3 last year, so it should be fine for this year as well. One simple download to USB and one simple upload to your PS3 for all the kits etc.

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