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PES 2016 Interview with Adam Bhatti

So we played PES 2016 at E3 2015, not sure if you know?! But, yeah, after day one I caught up with Adam Bhatti at a local shisha bar in LA and asked him a few burning questions.

It’s a light hearted chat with Adam (European Product Manager), given that I know him pretty well, but it’s also very honest and straight up. Give it a watch and let us know what you think. Sorry for the shisha smoke!

We’ll have more PES 2016 content from E3 and beyond soon.

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38 thoughts on “PES 2016 Interview with Adam Bhatti
  1. Asim, please ask Adam to get rid of the downright silly ‘follow the duck’ formation running seen after every goal scored. Cheers.

  2. Thanks Justin We all know pes looks better in day games. Iv asked this question before but never got an answer back. If you don’t mind could you give me some support over this question. Thanks for your reply.

  3. Hi Best Lloyd (or shall I just call you Lloyd)?

    Whenever I have a question or a request (that i am able to keep short but sweet – as one thing i do know is that konami don’t like long-winded messages), I send a tweet (eg asking if manual headers have been fixed) to Adam Bhatti – to Asim – and to Official Pes – plus whoever else might be relevant – becuase it is the best chance (IMO) we have of our feedback or question or request being considered and / or answered.

    Failing that, we as fans on WENB could in theory draw up an “annual request list” and simply e-mail it to Asim as a group document. I’ve been suggesting this method for some time now but organising it is rather difficult. What Asim will then do with that list is his choice, but it doesn’t hurt to try and our efforts will be most effective if we make sure we stick to the point and don’t waffle. EG some sort of simplified bullet point list would be most effective.

    On a political level both Konami and EA are powerful enough to decide for themselves how they want to make, fix, improve, upgrade or change the game. The power at present is in their hands rather than the hands of us as customers. However, I do believe that they do listen to some feedback (as in what they feel is relevant) but the rest they probably discard becuase they are confident enough in their own ideas and their own vision for the game / series, and seeing as there are only 2 football games on the market – we as the consumer have limited choices – either we can buy pes – or buy fifa – or buy neither and play other video games instead – thats the nature of supply and demand / take it or leave it economic landscape we stand on with football game developers.

    EG for pes 2017 (as it is probably be too late for PES 2016) I shall be “requesting” that net physics are fixed and for extra conditions such as snow to be added to the dynamic weather system.

    For now though, I suppose we can still ask about the stamina system and the injury system (as in have they been upgraded from PES 2015?) and if chip / lob shots have changed in any way (eg as we know what Asim has said about the current performance of R2 shots – we might as well ask about chip / lob shots too).

    Hope that makes sense

  4. Thanks Justin Yes you can call me Lloyd lol. I agree with what you say but I think we all live in hope. Anyway anything I can help you with just give me a call.

  5. has the through ball been fixed as a top priority considering as it has almost ruined online mode

  6. This is a measly copy of “Ultimate Team” by FIFA. When you will start to invent own ideas? Just, take 5 years for developing of football simulator! Why do you release a new series every year( Pes 16, 17 , 18… and etc)?. I think, new technology(graphics) lets do it in the long term. Also you can get a huge amount of money by this way. I suggest to do the self-renewing and quality football simulator through the Internet like MMO.

    For example: renovation of transfers and forms every year, updating performance of players every day, weather online, injury of players and yellow (red cards) in real time to the next day , real news, transfers system according to the calendar, the date and time according to the world time, Real online tournament of Champions League with group stage. Liga online with scores.

    RPG Career of Player: Choice real faces or creating face. Purchase of all possible things starting of the boots to the house (it affects the emotional state). Training and raising of statistics through: free kick, penalty, passes, physical struggle, performing dribbling, goalie saves and etc… Execution tasks of trainer for raising level. Mini football with friends 3×3, 4×4. Receiving salaries for shopping( football boots, sport Fitness , houses, cars, mini football pitches, gloves, balls and etc). Club can mulct, add premiums and to put on the transfer list. Offers from clubs.

    Nominations: “Best Goal”, “Best Pass”, “Best Goalie Save”, ” Best tackle” by watching a video replay and by way of internet votes from players. Overall rating of the “Top bombardir”, ” Top assistant”, ”Top Goalkeeper”, ” Top Defender”( raising and lowering of the rating).

    RPG career of Trainer instead of the Master league: Choice real faces or creating face, execution tasks of a club management, dismissal, premiums, offers from clubs,press conference . Receiving salaries for passage of coaching qualifications, invitations assistants and selection agents, purchase costumes. Nominations: ” The Best Trainer”, ” The Best counterattack”, “The Best Defense”, ” The Best Attack” by watching a video replay and by way of internet votes from players. Overall rating coaches( Raising and lowering of the rating).

    Gameplay close to real football without choice of difficulty. The top teams have their own style of play.

  7. I’d like to see set-pieces and deploying strategies (such as offside traps) fixed. Also, changing the formation during the gameplay, can we at least do it using the rightstick instead of the left one (yes I’m an old school I use the D-pad)? I couldn’t ever do the offside trap (which I gave up doing) without screwing up my formation. I wonder if there’s an existing solution for this.

  8. FIFA has all this presentation and once you’ve seen it like 3 times, you’re skipping through it because it’s always the same. Yeah it adds a nice visual touch to match day but I would take custom mp3 chants over any visual cutscene because it’s the atmosphere in the stadium that you remember when you zoom out to wide cam and play…..

  9. Hi Justin,
    Should we judge the game before it is released, or give a break to bhaty and konami :) as we usually do here?
    I feel really disappointed coz PC version will not be the same as PS 4
    And i am a pc user.

  10. Hi Alex,

    I believe that Adam Bhatti always does the best he can for us and we must respect he has a difficult job.

    PES has and always will have issues for the foreseeable future but as long as genuine and fair progress is made each year then okay cool. We can’t expect konami to fix everything in 12 months but what we can do is to continue to feedback our views in order to highlight the standards we expect of the game, especially in the long run.

    I’d say we can start judging the game along with FIFA when the demo hits. One can judge the PC version from the demo and then feed back to konami. PC version could well be acceptable this year as I’m sure it will at least be an improvement over last year and next year of course we can expect a further upgrade in standards.

    The fox engine allows konami to improve the game without making anything worse compared to the previous version and that’s good for the long term. The old engine had its highlights but I remember well that whilst some aspects improved others got worse as a result of the limitations of the engine and balancing issues. PES 2013 was certainly not the holy grail that some fans claimed it to be eg the crossing / headers side of the game was awful. True current pes isn’t as responsive as 2013 but it will match that standard and probably surpass it within this generation of consoles.

    Hope that answers your questions

  11. Do You have steam account?
    I would like some day have a match against you or with you
    in 2 vs 2 or something.
    But probably this year it will be cut out.
    i remember i fell in love with 2 vs 2 mode.

  12. I don’t have a steam account I’m afraid but yes 2 vs 2 would be perfect as one of my friends and i regularly play pes together. 2 vs 2 is not a definite no this year so we will just have to wait and see but id be surprised if it isn’t a feature in pes 2017

  13. You guys should add the little children, the 2 captains choosing head or tails and trading their flags or whatever it is in real life. Other commentary people in every area and country. The other things can stay just like PES 2015. The penalties does need fixing

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