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PES 2016 Interview with Adam Bhatti

So we played PES 2016 at E3 2015, not sure if you know?! But, yeah, after day one I caught up with Adam Bhatti at a local shisha bar in LA and asked him a few burning questions.

It’s a light hearted chat with Adam (European Product Manager), given that I know him pretty well, but it’s also very honest and straight up. Give it a watch and let us know what you think. Sorry for the shisha smoke!

We’ll have more PES 2016 content from E3 and beyond soon.

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38 thoughts on “PES 2016 Interview with Adam Bhatti
  1. Nice interview, thank you Asim.
    I was waiting for that question we Xbox 1 owners all want to know.
    … you can guess it, right?
    Why no picture loading on Xbox 1 while it is on PS4??

  2. Sounds like there will be no ranked online 2 versus 2 on the PS4 and XBOXONE again, huge, huge letdown if this is the case. Still keeping my fingers crossed though.

  3. Next time you talk with Adam, ask him about the edit mode on the PS4 and will there be a share feature and why won’t KONAMI get rid of the replay save during goal replays? It’s completely outdated.

  4. It would be great to find out if players actually get injured this time around in master league!?! I would say the signs are looking good with the new collision system and the new revamped master league. Fingers crossed!

  5. Adam mentioned licenced stadiums, it would be good to have more licenced ones. But I hope there’s more stadiums even unlicensed stadiums at least 40 stadiums and a enhanced or full editor would be brilliant !!!!

  6. Yeah I remember when if a player got injured, they would appear with bandages possibly PES 4,5 or 6 (the special one)

  7. Yes definitely, licenced or not, more stadiums please! It really starts to kill the master league experience second season in. Again, I hope this has a link to the brand new revamped master league. A more geographical style, sound and build on the stadiums would be really welcome. Stadiums that you can identify to be English, Italian, Spanish, french..and so on would be great. Don’t like playing Aston villa v Stoke in a stadium that sounds more a custom to hosting Brazil v Columbia.

  8. The scenes before a match could be better. Now its still the same as 2015. You can show reporters, player warming up things like that. Its all about the expierence during the game.

  9. today I figured out how to get decent looking nets. start feeding it back to fifa, theyll do it and komami will copy eventually.

  10. Wow! So FBI now allow Islamic State members flatly cruise for USA areas? We’re lost. God help us! Please American voters don’t let Democrats win another election. I miss the Bush days… Really do.

  11. Next time better ask about his new plans. Bombing Metro stations again? Had 3 days in Manchester in March. Got scared. Really scared. I mean really scared. Try to avoid Salford area!

  12. Have manual headers been fixed this year? In PES 2014 (the disastrous one lol) & PES 2015 they are broken

  13. Asim please ask adam next,time you see him if we could havs some sort of cup competition. In a day time mode. Thanks mate.

  14. hi justin sorry to trouble you , but iv just made a comment about some type of cup competition in a day mode.I was wondering what you thought of this.thanks mate

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