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PES 2016 Roster Update Apology and Statement

A few days after the release of PES 2016’s messed up severely delayed data pack, Konami/the PES team has today come out with an official statement around the issue.

The message goes into a little bit of detail (not too much) about the problems and why they happened, but more importantly the team has apologised to PES fans around the world.

It’s an interesting read, especially in regards to how their update/data systems work, but (repeating myself here) it’s not how a modern video game company producing a sports game should work. Good to know they’re going to be working on fixing it though before anything else is released. Bad news, there’s no date for a potential fix.

Anyway, the statement it full…

Hi PES Fans,

There has been an issue with the latest Data Pack released October 29th, and we wanted to reach out to our fans to let you know just how we’re dealing with this current situation.

Currently  the roster update for offline play which impacts Master League, competitions and edit mode is not complete, missing the final few days of transfers. The online modes, such as ranked matches, myClub and exhibition mode using Live Updates are up to date, as they were from October 2nd – and they remain unaffected.

We’ve received many questions regarding why offline and online are unique, and right now I wanted to explain that the systems being used for online updates are separated from offline due to the process we need to go through, with patch data including lists that needs to be checked internally and externally and may take weeks before the distribution.

The roster issue is a priority for us to correct ASAP, but will take some weeks unfortunately. We had planned a second Data Pack for end of November which was set to include a new stadium for PS4 and Xbox One, the Maracana. However, we will not release this Data Pack without including a fix for the offline roster issue.

Right now we have removed the planned Data Pack from our schedule so we can implement the fix required. We will then go through the process to get it out as soon as possible. We’ll update the fans on our official social channels as soon as we have information on this.

The extra time needed will also be used to add more content into the game that wasn’t planned at this stage, such as new kits and boots, as well as any other content the time allows. We’ll provide a list of extra content once set. We appreciate this doesn’t suddenly make this situation better, but we do want to show desire to make good on the situation for the fans.

We also want to take the opportunity to sincerely apologise to those fans affected by this issue. It’s frustrating for the fans, and for the team making the game. We assure everyone that we have learnt from this situation, and confirm designs to improve situations like these are currently being considered for future products.

Thanks for your continued support, and sorry once again,

PES Team

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73 thoughts on “PES 2016 Roster Update Apology and Statement
  1. I’ve been playing pro since ISS 98.

    One of the reasons it was better than FIFA was that you couldn’t curl a shot into the corner every time. A bit like the R2 shot at present.

    Also you didn’t have silly lines for free kicks, like FIFA.

    I’m complaining about how easy some aspects ofof the game are, that makes me a ‘noob’?

    But maybe you prefer a game that lacks depth and does the hard work for you. Each to their own.

  2. r2 control shot in the 16 meters is most of the times a goal, but thats in reallife also. if the shot has enough power and are deep in the corner its a goal. outside the 16 its a lot more difficult. and about long passes its bullshit. if you defending well it`s no issue. and i play against very good players. and the score also not very much a header with a crossball. its because i defending very well. people that complain about that, the are crazy. in reallife if a player gives a crossball on ronaldo his head and the defender are sleeping its a goal. easy is that

  3. you play the game on ps4? so give me youre gamertag i add you. you can demonstrate me how easy you can score against me. i think not

  4. i agree with that dots at the free kicks. thats so 80`s! but however score a free kick its more difficult then in kiddie fifa 16!

  5. I’ve not had an issue with crosses.

    The R2 Shot

    You’re right “if the shot has enough power and are deep in the corner its a goal”

    Here’s the problem though.

    I’m a goalkeeper myself. If the striker goes for placement instead of power, I’m making an easy save unless he gets it right in the corner, with enough power or if he puts enough curl on it.

    This is not that easy to do in real life, especially against the top goalkeepers e.g. Neuer, De Gea etc.

    The problem in the game is that the curl on the ball is automatic, as well as the direction. So as the user it’s an easy goal and the keepers just don’t react to it.

    Watch the Muller goal against Arsenal where he curls it into the corner. The pundits were praising him so much for the finish, showing it’s not that easy to do that.

    If you don’t have a problem with it then that’s fair enough. For me and my friends it’s so annoying that we’ve banned each other from using the R2 shot.

  6. yeah, but i have seen very nice saves from my keeper. and that goal from muller that change from direction mate. what is youre gamertag? i will add you then.

  7. Offline GKs are fine. For me there are a lot of more important issues such as lack of offline content. Specially for ML. It‘s better but not enough.

  8. Well, at least they seem careful about how we feel this time. Hope they could give us something more than GPS as an apologize for once.

  9. Come on ADAM it’s the 16 today this article kame out on the 2 Can’t you give us a bit more news. I think the fans deserve that don’t you.

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