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PES 2016 Teaser Trailer Analysis

So PES 2016 has been teased with a stunning trailer ahead of the full reveal on 12th June, and I’m excited. So excited that I decided to watch it a countless number of times over the past 30 minutes and analyse it for you lovely people.

Right, let’s get right into it. No rambling, straight into some serious-ish analysis.

1. The trailer kicks off with Konami’s motto/tagline from last year. THE PITCH IS OURS. So it seems like the focus is still mainly on the gameplay, the stuff on the pitch, which is great.


2. Just in case you didn’t know, it’s the 20th anniversary of PES this year. Konami are quite rightly making a big deal of it, showing off a lovely logo made up of old PES and Winning Eleven ones. Nice touch. I approve. Perhaps we’ll get a lovely 20th anniversary special edition? That would be awesome. Please do it, Konami.


3. And this is where we get our first glimpse of PES 2016 footage. It’s a close up of Neymar’s back (he is the new cover star after all) and what a back it is. No, seriously, look at the detail on the kit. You can almost reach out and feel the fabric. The lighting looks good too, but more on that in a bit. Oh and Queen’s We Will Rock You starts to kick in. Great choice of music.


4. From the back to the side of Neymar’s face. It’s fair to say that it’s a stunning close up. The detailed skin texture, hair and beads of sweat running down the side of his face, it’s all very impressive. All complimented by the lighting, which seems to be a real step up from PES 2015. That FOX Engine, eh?


5. The face! Just look at his face, people! If this isn’t Konami and the PES Team making a statement, saying “we’re getting used to the FOX Engine, guys” then I don’t what is. Expanding on the previous side shot, here we see in much more detail a scarily accurate representation of Neymar’s face. My only nitpick? It’s a little too shiny, but that’s probably down to the way lighting has been configured for this particular shot. Either way, impressive.


6. Perhaps a look at an improved collision system and some new animations that tie into it? Probably. Hopefully. In any case, we see what looks like Sakho attempting to make a challenge on Neymar, but failing to get the ball and ultimately fall over. The key thing to look at here is that is all happens in a more realistic way than in PES 2015, it looks natural. Neymar kind of stumbles a bit and then skips past Sakho. Lovely.


7. Another look at a potential new animation in PES 2016. Here we see a Roma player get skinned by Tevez and struggling to get back up to his feet as the Argentinian glides away in the distance. Just like the previous point, best thing here is that it looks natural, smooth and more human-like. Kind of reminded me of the hilarious Jones stumble against Arsenal. Well, that and Messi skinning Boateng. One more thing, look at that grass. Amazingly detailed.


8. I’m not sure if Konami are trying to make fun of Luiz’s headless chicken approach to defending here or it’s a case of showing off new animations that apply to aerial battles… Probably the latter, but I’m hoping both! It’s good to see more of a physical battle in the air, something that is a big part of football and an aspect that wasn’t replicated well in PES 2015. It’s all part of a new collision/physical system I’m guessing. Anyway, back to the scenario. I’m assuming Pogba escapes with the ball here given Luiz’s unorthodox challenge (spot on), but (just like before) love the realism here. The lighting deserves some praise here too. Could night matches finally look decent?!


9. One of my favourite parts of this teaser trailer, it seems like rain will actually mean something in PES 2016. We see Chiellini slide in with a challenge on a Roma player, causing a bit of turf to pop up as well as a splash of water. YES! It seems like Konami are suggesting rain has been upgraded to an actual thing rather than just blue-ish lines we were “treated” to in PES 2015. I also like the mist effect created in the background, something that usually happens when it’s raining and the lights in the stadium are on. Lovely little touch. Another tick in the animations box here too. The tackle and skip over look suitably smooth. Oh and there’s dirt on the kit. :)


10. Calm down, Karim. We all know you want to join Man United. Okay, so maybe he’s not frustrated or complaining about that, but he’s not happy about something. Konami hinting at more emotion from players in PES 2016 here? Possibly. We’ve seen bits of it in the past, but it’s something (whether we like it or not) that’s more prevalent in the modern game. Also, I noticed his France top isn’t as detailed as Neymar’s Brazil one. Perhaps it’s a just a level of detail thing given the close up on the latter, but the difference is there to see. Good emotion though. He’ll look good doing that in a Man United top next season. I wish.


11. Next we see Morata from Juventus running around the goal celebrating. Has that celebration been in before? If not, I guess we just got shown a new one. Nice. I did notice, just like with Benzema’s kit, the level of detail here seems to be lower. It’s not a close up, but it’s not too far out either. Still an issue for the PES team to iron out before release perhaps. He does move nicely though. Oh and look… NETS! Konami teasing sexy nets? Oh I know you net freaks would love that. So would I to be fair!


12. From slightly less to detail to a whole lot more. It’s Pogba, the guy who I thought could’ve been the new cover star. Look at him, he looks glorious. The hair is spot on and the detail on the face isn’t too shabby either. Just like his compatriot Benzema, we see Pogba show off some real emotion here. You can see it in his eyes too. Heavy hints on that being a feature of some sort. Griezmann in the back doesn’t look bad either, coming to give his buddy a hug.


13. And then we come to my favourite part of PES 2016’s teaser trailer. Totti doing his selfie celebration, with an iPhone no less (Apple partnership anyone?). Sure, it’s more of a superficial element, but it adds to that little something extra to the package. It also shows Konami and the PES team have been paying attention to real football. I imagine this made it in because they’re huge fans of Italian football. Still, whatever the reason, I love it. Also, perhaps it’s another hint at a lot more celebration types. Maybe even custom ones?!


14. Following the shot of Totti celebrating, we’re treated to a view of a packed stadium (Arena Corinthians I’m told) and the crowd reacting to something on the pitch. A hint at more crowd interaction and better atmosphere during matches in PES 2016? It would certainly be welcome. Not only that, the crowd looks like it’s 3D. Are Konami finally upgrading from what can only be described as sprites? God, I hope so. Again, better night time lighting is teased.


15. The next part of the teaser trailer kind of flies by, but I slowed it down and watched it a few times to get a better look at everything. It’s another favourite bit of mine, mainly because you see the smoothness of the animations at play here. The way Neymar skips past the French defender is glorious, a clear improvement over anything in PES 2015. He shifts the ball to the right with his left foot and skips past the challenge so smoothly. It’s lovely to watch and actually looks like something Neymar would do in reality. In PES 2015, you’d be able to pinpoint the transition of animations, but here it’s all stitched together beautifully. Maybe not quite at that FIFA level, but still impressive. Again, I’ve said this a few times now, the lighting during the night looks great. Final interesting thing, the ad board in the back says love the past, play the future… The marketing tagline for the 20th anniversary stuff I’m guessing? If so, I like it.


16. As the teaser trailer comes to a close, we see a close up of Neymar’s feet as he kicks the ball and bits of grass fly up into the air. Lovely. We also get another shot of the 20th anniversary ad boards. A sign, if I ever saw one, that Konami are going to make a big deal of it.


17. Just in case you didn’t know what the game this was, we get a look at the new PES 2016 logo. I say new because it’s a different font. I like it. Oh and Neymar still look great. It actually looks like him, his mannerisms and style. The way he moves as he kicks the ball, so smooth. Animations, animations and animations. I love it. Great shot this.


18. And we end with what we know already, the full reveal is coming on 12th June. However, as far as teasers go that was a bloody good. The music, the scenarios… Yeah I’m pumped! Stadium is Beira-Rio by the way.


If you have any thoughts, or spotted something I didn’t, please comment and share!


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