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PES 2016 To Get Free-To-Play Version?

A strange one this, but it seems like PEs 2016 might be about to get a free-to-play version. Well, that’s according to the Australian Classification Board anyway.

The date of the classification is recent (19th November), but no platforms are listed. Hmm.

Is this another version of PES 2016? One which takes away the bulk of modes and offers a strip downed offering for free? Just exhibition matches, the basic myClub or both with microtransactions being optional? A mobile or PC game perhaps? So many questions.

Either way, it seems like something is up. Well, that or the Aussies have made a big mistake.

What do you think? Would you play a stripped down version of PES 2016 for free?

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7 thoughts on “PES 2016 To Get Free-To-Play Version?
  1. I’m not completely happy with the full version, and this has to do with roster changes, and the cumbersome edit mode. I would certainly be less happy with a stripped down version I believe. I will wait though to pass judgement until I can see what they actually are possibly releasing however.

  2. I think they should make a free to play pc version that would constantly updated more more than one year and monetise using microtransactions in Myclub. I don’t think pc gamers are into the yearly update system just like for consoles.

  3. Would I play a stripped down version of PES 2016.. which is a stripped down version of a PS4 footy game for free..?? I wouldnt play the finished game for free.. Its just not upto standard & it is a disgrace to charge loyal customers/fans for this mockery of a PS4 game.. Fifa is light years ahead of PES atm which pisses me off because i dont think fifa is great.. I REALLY think this is the end of PES.. & i wonder who or what is to blame..??

    Time to retire CON-ARMY..!!!?

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