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PES 2016 To Get New Cover Star?

Not exactly massive news for some, but it seems like PES 2016 could be getting a new cover star.

The information comes courtesy of a blogPES.fr interview with Stéphanie Hattenberger, Director of Marketing for Konami Digital Entertainment Southern Europe. Well, it’s more of a tease actually, but it seems like it could be a possibility. A strong one at that, otherwise she would’ve denied it, right?

When asked about current cover star Mario Gotze and the possibility of a French player being on the PES 2016 box, Stephanie replied:

“Today, I am unable to reveal information about it. But, believe us, surprises await you current month of June.”

Interesting. Very interesting. Like I said, if everything was staying the same surely the response would’ve been to completely shut down the possibility of a new cover star. Instead, Stephanie teased us with her answer.

Perhaps someone is joining Gotze on the cover of PES 2016? Paul Pogba? He’s French and universally seen as one of the best young players on the planet. Konami also has history with players such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar. Hmm. I guess we’ll find out soon.

Thanks to OnlyProEvolutions for the spot.

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11 thoughts on “PES 2016 To Get New Cover Star?
  1. How about.. Nobody..

    Just save the money you would spend on a ‘cover star’ & put that money into the development of the game..


  2. Will be somebody from CL Final ! Barca is EA team, that mean will be somebody from Juve .

  3. What surprises could we expect:
    A return of all lost content over the years would be nice:
    1. At least 2 licensed EPL teams
    2. Return of licensed international teams – to many to mention. Scotland & Ireland to start with.
    3. Return of stadiums – Wembley, Anfield (red cauldron), Roma/Lazio home ground, Stamford bridge, Spanish licensed stadiums.
    4. Stadium editor
    5. Comprehensive in game badge and boot & kit editor for 4 gen.
    6. Editor for scored broad for different league, sure this was in pes 5 or 6.
    7. Face scanning but has to be better than before.
    8. Return to match intros – team line ups etc – PS3
    9. Trevor Brooking as alternative English commentator.
    10. evolution of gamplay – Not revolution.

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