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PES 2016 Video Review

It’s PES 2016 video review time!

To compliment my written review over at GamesRadar, I decided to do a video review with more detailed thoughts on the game.

I sat down with Gari and we talk PES 2016 for over 40 minutes, with me going over the games positives and its few negatives. There’s some game related banter too!

Have a watch and listen. Enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “PES 2016 Video Review
  1. A bit disappointed to here the news about the AI ,in ur last podcast it was mentioned that the refs were still being worked on.The thing is the demo has been out a few weeks now,and every body was complaining about the lack of yellow cards and fouls the AI never give away I’m sure some body from the PES team must have see this and done something about it.I think this is going to be a great game,but it would have been so much better if thay had sorted this problem out.

  2. Just read every review on the pesfan site thay all say the same thing not enough fouls no yellow or red cards.Please if its possible could konami do some sort of patch to fix it what’s the point of having a free kick specialist in your team when you never get a chance to use him. It’s so unrealistic.

  3. Iv got to say I played the full game today and the AI is better 2yellow cards and a good few fouls against them.I thought this game is excellent, but I had to play top player to have a good game.

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