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PES 2017 Demo Coming Next Week!

The news that everybody has been waiting for has today been announced; the details surround the demo for PES 2017.

The Demo will be available in North, Central and South America on August 23rd. Europe will receive the demo the day after on August 24th. The following image also confirms the team list:

PES 2017 Demo

Are you looking forward to the demo? Let us know in the comment section below.

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11 thoughts on “PES 2017 Demo Coming Next Week!
  1. I’m my opinion i think people on the PC Community should be able to protest this year and not make any mod or patches. Adam thinks is smart and you people have the heathy to save your work on a real job they pad you well. Not this.
    Not even Spanish or even FC Porto Licenced. This is the worst day for all the fans in general for PC Community and now with the Denuvo proteccion on FIFA 17 even worst will be the taste to buy games like this. You people need to be more smart then this. Please i’m serious this time. This is worst then cancer it’s like a virus H1N1 as been infected by this company.
    It’s your fault, you want better game and no licences? Good for you.

    I still imagine the PC Edit on PC the same as last year.
    The PC Demo on PES 2013 just kill everyone, that’s for sure.
    It’s not about us, it’s about konami treatment on PC community, we deserve better and we are continue to get stolen again. Anyways good luck. (I think not.)

  2. PC customers shafted again, bad enough when PC games PES included were £19-£20 mark but as of last year and no doubt his year PC customers will be asked to part with £35 the price of a full blown PC release .. but PES2017 is not the full game where PC customers are concerned. We are being told that the PC version will have the same Gameplay to have that, then means PC version will have the exact same animations and “Real” control thus means the only difference is the graphics , really ?

    What are the differences between the PS4 and PC versions anyone from Konami like to come on and tell us what if anything that is in the PS4 game is missing from the PC version find it hard to believe that its just different graphics.

  3. No La Liga, FC Porto, Bayern it’s not great on the licence front. The current stadium list is very poor, but I understand there are more. I hope player faces for unlicenced teams are updated particular false La Liga and FC Porto. I expect to see Emirates, millennium stadium and friends arena and all the generic stadiums from last year and least. Not sure why KONAMI do not add another generic league for the creation of bundesliga or another league?
    Gameplay looks great Dortmund, Liverpool and nou camp licences great. But as usual there are some compromises PES, but it’s normally worth it.
    FIFA IS JUST ABOUT LICENCES AND UT no substance or class.

  4. You always say that you are giving money to PES but yet no matter how much money konami recieves they still lose license’s. I bet you don’t care because as long as they license dinamo zagreb you are happy. PES 2017 could lose every licesnse but you would still be happy and giving them money as long as dinamo zageb and croatia is licensed.
    Get the fuck out of here you fake pes fan
    A lot of real fans play on pc
    If really cared about pes then you would always want it to be a good game redgards on what platform.

  5. For all those who like playing League Mode,i’v got a feeling that we are not going to have night and day games.Thay have said this year in Master League we will have real time kick offs but yesterday. The Question was asked at gamescom about it,and the answer was thay are not talking about the League Mode yet,now I have been asking Asim about it for weeks,and he will not give me an answer.To a simple Question are we going to get night and day games in LEAGUE MODE YES or NO,not hard to answer,but no Konami being Konami it’s top secret.

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