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PES 2017 FC Barcelona Trailer Released!

Konami have today released a brand new trailer for PES 2017, showcasing their partnership with La Liga champions FC Barcelona.

This partnership, which is the first of its kind for a video game publisher, gives Konami granted extensive access to the club’s stars and have a visible presence within the match day experience. They will have a prominent advertising presence within and around the club’s Camp Nou stadium, and will also receive exclusive rights to recreate FC Barcelona’s legendary home within its PES titles, starting with PES 2017 and within all related PES-branded releases, including mobile titles. Tomotada Tashiro, President of Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. stated:

This a real statement of intent for us. By working closely with a team of Barcelona’s stature we can introduce the PES series to a huge global fan base. This partnership will deliver access to the very best players in the modern game and to one of the world’s most respected and ambitious clubs. The PES series is famed for its realism and control, so the fit between such a skilled team and a game that celebrates such ability is perfect.

The Team ID and Player ID systems will make sure that FC Barcelona are perfectly recreated in PES 2017. Their trademark offensive, playing style will be fully implemented, as will the club anthem ’Himno‘. They will also be using advanced 3D photo-scanning techniques to implement the faces and expressions of key players, and will also release in-game versions of the club’s historical kits for use in the games.  Manel Arroyo, FC Barcelona Vice-President of Marketing and Communications also added:

We are delighted to have signed this agreement with KONAMI, who is now an official Premium Partner of the Club. KONAMI is a strategic partner that will allow us to bring FC Barcelona to millions of users of its game. We hope to see the club, the players and Camp Nou, perfectly recreated in the next and future versions of the PES series

myClub will also have a number of special promotions in order for fanals to include stars such as Messi, Neymar Jr and Luis Suarez. One of the best news to come out is also the addition of FCB Legends, also available in myClub.

The trailer is one of the best PES trailers in recent years (my opinion, of course!) It shows off some fantastic gameplay features, such as tiki-taka and the much improved goalkeepers. The visual improvements are also very apparent in the trailer. Anyway, you don’t want me waffling on! Take a look for yourself and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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27 thoughts on “PES 2017 FC Barcelona Trailer Released!
  1. Yea right people who play PES end up going to play FIFA after the 3 month release no matter how many awards they get.
    PES has amazing gameplay no doubt but it has nothing more to offer.
    As long as there is ultimate team out there and PES’s broken online servers people will ditch PES for FIFA in 3 months.

    Also do everyone a favor and stop commenting here. We dont care for your opinion if you just spam in caps about PES!

  2. I told you i try to play Fiffa and never more How can be real game have Vanzuela India But no Croatia. i Can play with out Modric Mandzukic Rakitic Pes for ever the best game ever

  3. Idk why they dont have croatia but it doesnt matter. The point is you annoy everyone in this site and it would be best if you stop commenting cause you just spam the site.
    You are not a true PES fan!

  4. I”m a true fan of Pes you see How much i Donate for Pes all the time Becouse Pes added Dinamo Zagreb They know i love pes and Balkans teams you only don”t like me Becouse pes every year beat Fiffa

  5. I don’t like you because you spam the comments section and its fucking stupid of you to do so.
    PES can’t catch up to FIFA!
    PES cant create a proper ML or BAL it piss’ me off! PES is unorginal for copy FIFA custom celebration and a wannabe ultimate team!
    PES creates shit every year and you are the only one stupid enough to buy it thinking it’s the best thing ever!
    You are not a true PES fan don’t pretend like you are one.
    Also who cares about balkan countries when they don’t make the game better!
    Get the fuck out of this site!


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