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PES 2017 Gameplay Videos

You’ve been waiting patiently but now is the time for you to get the very first gameplay look for PES 2017.

The videos were all recorded this past Tuesday at the second PESDay event, hosted by Konami (Special thank you to Asim Tanvir, Adam Bhatti and the rest of the team for the invite).

Right, we won’t keep you! Sit back, enjoy, and give us your feedback on the videos below. We’ll be adding more to this page every day, so be sure to keep checking back.

Atlético Madrid Player Faces

YouTube Preview Image

France Player Faces

YouTube Preview Image

Germany Player Faces

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Barcelona Player Faces

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France vs Germany

YouTube Preview Image

Barcelona vs Atlético Madrid

YouTube Preview Image

Germany vs France

YouTube Preview Image

Interview with Asim Tanvir

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Barcelona vs Atlético Madrid (CPU)

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Germany vs France (CPU)

YouTube Preview Image
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26 thoughts on “PES 2017 Gameplay Videos
  1. haha, fifa nr 1? you are fucking brainless. fifa is so shit. gameplay pes always better you are not a real pes boy!

  2. You better get your ears checked because obviously you dont listen to what adam bhatti said about the game that he said the game was totally different and there will be a big improvment at gameplay etc etc. Can you say pes 2017 is a game that surprised everybody.

  3. You probably never played pes from early years so please shut your mouth.
    I have played pes a lot in my opinion pes 5 was the best .
    Now is all about fifa .
    That’s my opinion. Yours are different.

  4. Big disappointment for me is the free kick system in this and previous versions with trajectory. In the old games you were able to take slow pace shot (left stick down first) near box with nice curl over wall. Thats why Becks was in lineup and you wanted to get fouled, now it is pretty much waisted. Or then with great power (left stick up first) and you were always able to feel the players’ abilities.

    Another thing that I would like to see some improvements at is attacking 1 on 1 while dribbling. Where is the sort of smooth dribbling where scissors are combined with little body feints. I’m not asking any stupid freestyle moves, but it is actually easy perform nice scissors with suitable running speed towards defender and body feints included there in real match. Like Dinho did and that you would get the same feeling when moving right stick in Pes. It is pointless now and only counting running direction and reactions.
    Right stick should be more responsive or commands in my opinion and the change in pace.

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