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PES 2017 Option File Sharing Confirmed For PS4!

You will finally be able to share your option files on the PlayStation 4 in PES 2017, Konami have today confirmed.

Teams and Players that you and your friends create on PES 2017 can be shared easily through a transfer on a USB stick.

What is even better news is that it is multiregional. This means that European fans will be able to share their edit files with fans from US or Asia.

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  • Hussain


  • Henryclay1844

    Will there be enough spaces for 3 or 4 kits for every non-licensed team?

  • Propranolol50mgonceadayforever

    I think this is a REALLY bad move. Option files SHOULD be region locked ! Why should someone from the EU be able to use files made in Asia or the USA ? I really don’t like thi multi-region idea and i think Konami and Sony should look hard at themselves before continuing on with this idea. They should have kept all files region locked and focussed MORE on making sure the nets are like Football Kingdom !

  • Kev Craven

    what? I don’t think I understand your argument?

  • Indo2k

    Really? I thought it’s only teams export/import sharing, not the whole option file, reading from konami’s site. Ability to share the whole OF will need Sony’s policies to upgrade the ps4 system software as the current system doesn’t allowed user to use another user save data. Different case with teams export/import since PES already had them in 2015. I’ve recently also read about still no OF sharing this year, if not from adam’s then officialpes’ tweet.

    Well, I’ll be really glad if I’ll be proven wrong though. We damn need OF sharing back.

  • Michel Antonios

    about FREAKING TIME!!! now tell me SNOW IS IN and theres extra TEAM SLOTS!!!???

  • TareX

    Biggest E3 news yet. Just add a stadium editor please and we’ll deal with the rest.

  • Neuf Mars

    I am french and 10 years along have a website for retros compétitions with creating teams with the original 1970-1990 players authentic football championship french consulting on fifa 2010-2014 and pes 2015-2016,i am really happy about these news..but,is it possible to used these teams online or just in share ? that is the question now;; but Konami can be say as the option file share will be the mine of fifa this year

  • Neuf Mars
  • Neuf Mars

    yes a stadium editor and a simple possibility to have same 2013 small short on players

  • Qthetar .

    What the hell are you saying lol.

  • Zarathos No Daimaōh

    considering many of us transtioned from playing only offline , to half to the times online , a crucial question remains …. are option files enabled online this time ? Not really gonna bother with merseirside (or whatever) red vs blue when online

  • Benjamin Smith

    it’s funny cause he’s an idiot

  • Fernando da Silva

    Finally, region restrictions were extremely frustrating

  • PC old Edit Gen Again :(
    PC is not that easy to edit without using mods you incompetent KONAMI!
    PC – XBOX ONE – PS4 Share kits mod, NOW!

  • reamerb .

    What a weird comment.

  • zaki

    HI guys. As an xbox one owner I am always disapointed with the fact that there are no kit importing for xbox one. Why is this possible for PS 4 but not Xbox. For me and I am sure for many xbox one owners this an aspect of the game that takes credit away from pes. Seems like Pes is becoming the soccer game to own versus its arcadey competitor, but the kit importing aspect is a step back for Xbox one owners. I would gladly sell my xbox one and purchase a PS 4, however having 65 titles downloaded on the drive will leave me with more hassles than enjoyment. very disapointed once again

  • Gabo Palacios

    It’s not Konami’s fault, mate. EA has always been a Microsoft partner, so… If EA bothers buying licenses (wich, in my opinion is an unfair strategy) they should get the reward for the “effort”, right? But then, the PES community does it’s magic, and Konami, without spending a single dollar on it, can have a licensed game. What can EA do?, simple: they ask Microsoft to put a restriction about uploading files to PES on it’s console. That’s why you can’t do that on XB1. And that is why XB1 didn’t get the full resolution on PES 2016. Apparently Konami has built a great friendship with Sony since 1995 or so, and that is why they let Konami upload files on PS4.
    My personal oppinion is that EA should be fair and compete on the subjects that matter, like design, gameplay, etc. instead of this ugly thing they do with exclusive licenses.

  • Gabo Palacios

    They haven’t said anything about how many slots we’ll get, but what they did say is that, the better resolution on the image, the less slots you’ll have.

  • Tactical player

    Why no option file for the ps3???
    I dont understand why ps4 gets option file!!
    create an option file also for the ps3