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PES 2017 #PESDay Impressions Round-up

The fantastic PES Community were today invited down to Konami HQ to get early hands-on with PES 2017.

They have been tweeting throughout the day, so we wanted to bring you a selection of their tweets so that you can see their impressions of PES 2017 at an early stage:



What do you make of the community’s impressions? Let us know in the comment section below.

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12 thoughts on “PES 2017 #PESDay Impressions Round-up
  1. All sounds very good,but are thay going to open up the menus this year.So you can decide whether you are going to play competitions in a day time mode.I think a lot of people will be very happy if this is done,because last year nearly every game was played at night.I spoke with Asim last year and even he said this was unfair.So know he is working for konami perhaps something will be done.

  2. Learning AI ? for the AI in the opposing AI team or do my AI team mates in the team I control have the same learning ability ?

  3. Something I really missing in PES is pulling a shirt of a player. Especially at a fast player, it is effective to be able to pulling his shirt.

  4. Ok ok i GET IT. But can some of you people play against AI and not each other on these days? Playing against human opponents negates the quality of the A.I I want to hear about how the A.I plays. I dont want to be picking this game up and the same old flaws persisiting with uneventful and boring attacking plays, lack of high shots, lack of distnace shooting from the A.I. Can people please try this and feedback to Konami please? This game is more than just a friends night out, lots of us play solo.

  5. Also this is very minor but it bugs the hell out of me…Can we play with any ball in Exhibition mode? Not just having access according to the competition?

  6. I would like to understand why Konami does not put the anthem of all national teams in the opening of the games. It’s frustrating to hear the song of a selection and not hear each other or do not hear from either of them.
    If this is not corrected in PES 2017, Konami could enable an item in edit mode where would possible ourselves put the anthem manually.

  7. If the commentary is shit it will fuck up the feel of the game.. Not reading anything into the tweets.. Usual hype but ends up crap.. Lets see a few gameplay videos & see for ourselves..

  8. In Brazil,most matches are day with sun.Konami could give us the menu options to choose the time,weather and stadium in all Leagues, Cups and BAL.

  9. Again cautiously optimistic and eager to try it for myself. It’s nice to see the joy and enthusiasm but I sorely miss the constructive feedback to counterweight the unrelenting praisal. It’s not PES 4 or PES 5, where the hype was real and built on a longstanding quality foundation.

    PES 2016 was a great surprise but it’s built off Konamis past decade, which isn’t hype-worthy. A realistic take would lead to more believable feedback, and less frustration if the game isn’t stellar.

    ps: Konami really must push the ability to share Option Files AND keep the game up-to-date. My PES 2016 is sitting neatly in the shelf, as I refuse to update the 4.5 month outdated game myself.

  10. I think one thing not being asked and if you ever get the chance to is, how is the PC port? In all honesty i have followed PES religiously but if they still haven’t figured out how to optimize the FOX Engine for PC i don’t see why we should actually be investing in a game that we no doubt love, but it only loves portions of it’s community.

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